Excel VBA to copy data used for chart onto the MAF_History tab

I have tab called Dashboard that has recent data and I also have a tab called MAF History containing the same date for older time frames.  Once the Watts Per Kilo Gram on the dashboard page goes from 0.00 to a value higher than 0.00 I would like to have it copied to the MAF_History tab so that it can be included in the chart.  I want to make sure the vba will not copy duplicate records, just records that are new should be copied to the MAF_History tab.  Instead of having to click a button to copy over the data, it would be preferred to have it happen as soon as a new value is updated.

I purposely have the data on the Dashboard page in column K6, then columns O6:R6 because that is where they are on my master template.
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[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
How far have you got with the Visual Basic for Applications code-based solution so far?

Also, is column [K] "Date" on the [Dashboard] worksheet the unique key that should be verified against column [ B ] (row 24 & onwards) within the [MAF_History] worksheet to indicate if data has been copied &, hence, to not duplicate data?

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ScottBarnesAuthor Commented:
I've tried searching for solutions like mine and also trying to record my own macros, but no luck on either front.

Would it possible to make column [K],[O],[P], and [Q] the unique key that way if data is changed on the dashboard tab it would get copied over to the [MAF_History] tab?

If not, column [K] "Date" on the Dashboard worksheet would work as the unique key that could be verified against column B (row 24 & onwards) within the [MAF_History] worksheet.

Thank you in advance,
Scott Barnes
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Ah... you were asking for somebody to do this for you, not for help with the task.


Yes, either way can be implemented, as you require:

a) just column [K] "Date" (row 6 & onwards) from the [Dashboard] worksheet matched to column [ B ] (row 24 & onwards) upon the  [MAF_History] worksheet,


b) A combination of columns [K] "Date" / [O] "Weight" / [P] "HR" / [Q] "Watts" on [Dashboard] matched to columns [ B ] "Date" / [C] "Weight" / [D] "HR" / [E] "Watts" on [MAF_History].

However, if you opt for the second option [ b) ], can your Chart on the [MAF_History] worksheet cope with multiple entries for the same "Date"?

That is, are multiple entries for the same "Date" (but differing values of "Weight", "HR", &/or "Watts") 'valid'?
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ScottBarnesAuthor Commented:
For the second option b), if one of the values changed it would be ideal to overwrite the previous values so that there is never a duplicate date.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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ScottBarnesAuthor Commented:
Please close ticket, I will try to ask the question with more detail to get more responses, none of the responses resolved my issue they just asked me more questions that I should consider when framing up my question.
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