Email alert for Hp proliant DL380 Gen8

Today, I had the server blinking one of raid disks orange which indicates 'predicted failure', so I changed the disk, don't know how long it was in the stage.

I am trying to set up a event notifier or email alert function with HP Proliant DL380 Gen8, MS server 2012.
In System Management Homepage, there's no setting for notification (??).
I searched online, some says there is HP Event Notifier which doesn't exist in my server. Some says, the setting is in HP Insight manager or HP Insight Remote , which doesn't exist in my server, either.
I have only two servers, don't need heavy SNMP central event management system.

Why is it hard to find to set up for the simple notification email alert with my server?
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In the HP Support Pack
or the
 HP Insight Management Agents
There is
HP Management Agents
  ->Event Notifier Config
You can set it to notify you
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
There's no app named 'HP Insight Mangement Agents' or 'HP Support Pack' in app list.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
All HP related apps installed are in the imagehp
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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Is HP Support Pack not installed by default? I see download link for installation about 5 GB download file. !!
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Anyone trying to set up event notifier, I have the manual to set up HP Event Notifier and SNMP. It is the much easier setup than iLO advanced, the other option.

I pasted here and attached doc file, you can refer to it.

                             HP Event Notifier Configuration for email alerts

Step1: Install HP Insight Management Agents from below link.
Note# To install the HP Insight Management Agents the SNMP service must be installed and running, if it is not installed, please go to Start> All Programs> Administrator Tools> Server Manager> Features> Add Features> SNMP Service> Install.
Step2: Once Insight Management Agents are installed, confirm HP Insight Foundation Agent, HP Insight NIC Agents, HP Insight Storage Agents & HP Insight Server Agents services should be started and running from the Windows services console.
Step3: Configure the Traps and Security settings for the SNMP service now, please refer to below given steps to do this.

•      Right click on SNMP Service, then select properties and go to the "Traps" tab. Here set “Community Name” as “public” then click on "Add" next to it and In “Trap destinations” click "Add" and put “” or “localhost”.

•      Now go to "Security" tab of SNMP service, In "Accepted community names" select "Add" and choose public (community name) - read only & private-read write and select "Accept snmp packets from any host"

Step4:  In windows services console select the "HP Insight Evet Notifier" and select its properties and change it to "Automatic".
Note# Starting this service at this point will give an error stating the service cannot be started on the local computer.

Step5: Go to Start> All Programs> HP Management Agents> HP system Management Homepage.
Here go to “Settings> Select SMH Data Source> Select and set the data source to “SNMP”.
Once re-login to HP system management homepage and confirm data source is set to SNMP.

Step6: Go to C:\Windows\system32\CIMntfy and right click on lwconfig.exe and select "Run as administrator”. (Windows 2008/Windows 2012)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\HP Management Agents (Windows 2012)

Step7: HP Insight Notifier Windows will open, here we need to configure the SMTP mail server information and list of list of notification recipients and then click on Finish.
Note# Also we need to make sure the local host has the proper communication with the SMTP (Email) server i.e. ping to SMTP server from local host is working fine.




Step8: Go to windows services console and check for HP Event Notifier service status it should be running now.
This will complete the configuration of HP Event Notifier for email alerts of local host.

                                       How to Test Email Alerts Notifications
Method 1
To test the alerts "Control Panel", then right click on "HP Management Agents" and select "Run as administrator", then choose "SNMP Settings" tab and then select "Send Test Trap".
This will send a Major (severity) Generic trap (11003) event.

Method 2
The other way to test the alerts is through the HP system management homepage. Open the HP sysem Management Homepage, in the "Data Source" please ensure "SNMP" is selected, then go to "Settings>SNMP Webagent> SNMP and Agent Settings and Select "Send Test Trap".

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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I believe my solution is the best answer. but will give all points to  D_Vante for assisting.
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