Recovering Exchange EDB Worth it? Make a new one?

Client has damaged exchange EDBs and log files, etc from a RAID failure.  RAID back online.  Is it worth the time and energy to repair / rebuild the database when the clients have their mail as a cached OST file?  Only a handful of clients..   A resolution being create a new group and database, and move the mailboxes to the new database, and import (the already exported OST-> PST) into the new database.  One of the databases was a total loss.

  Thoughts?  Need to make a decision ASAP.

 Thanks in advance
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAsked:
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Naushad shaikhIT Consultant - Messaging SupportCommented:
what is database size
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
Good question.. 53GB  SBS2008 ex 2007.
Naushad shaikhIT Consultant - Messaging SupportCommented:
53 GB database restoring and then merging mailbox from the backup to the existing running database mailbox is easy. It will take less time and effort to update the user mailbox with old information from the backend
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Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify, don't have a backup, but have cached mailboxes on the workstations which were already exported.  So, creating the new database and running an import when the users connect to the new database would be all that's required.  That sound about right?
Prashant ShrivastavaConsultantCommented:
Then you are left with only option - recreate one. there is no point trying to recover the DB at this point of time.
Naushad shaikhIT Consultant - Messaging SupportCommented:
yes,  as you said now u have create new databse and user are getting thier new email

if PST are located to users PC than map those PST in thier outlook account and move data from PST to inbox.

if the PST's are located in to share path than you can do it from exchange server too
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
Users / Exchange is NOT up as I have not moved mailboxes to new DB, and have not permitted email through the firewall.  Users are accessing it through a 3rd party emergency email for the time being.

If I can even further clarify..  there were 2 databases.  1 gone, the other undergoing a repair ( /p).  I know I split the users bc one mailbox is in one edb, and the rest (8 or so users) are in the other.  there was a 53 gb- being repaired, and a 60gb (gone).  Should I bother to wait for the repair to finish or just go ahead and add everyone back to the newly created DB?  I don't know who is on the database that is being repaired. (the single person or the other group)  Currently, its at "Deleting Unicode Fixup Table" and I know this step takes a REALLY long time.  Like hours.  So, wait and see who is in this one? or trash them all and add mailboxes to new EBD, then import.  Decisions, Decisions..
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
OK.. How do I remove the mailbox from EMC and create a new one in the new database with  the old database being offline? I don't want to migrate the data, simply connect the user to a new mailbox in a different database. I should be able to delete the mailbox from the user so the user is no longer tied to the (bad) mailbox, and then should be able to create a new mailbox and link them together while creating the new mailbox.  Thing is, I don't see that user as an available selection when I am creating a new mailbox for an existing user.  Do I have to do a gpupdate? empty the recycle bin?

Little help?  I know I am close!
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
Ok.. Found this out.  When you remove a mailbox in EMC (exchange management console) you also remove the users.  So don't do that.  You have to remove the exchange attributes from the user, then create a new mailbox and attach it over to an existing users.
1- Remove the exchange attributes with the program on this page.  Download it to the C:\ on the server or AD controller.  Run it AS SPECIFIED and WITH CAUTION!!!

2- Then create the mailbox and link it to the user.
3- wait a few minutes for it to produce the box and you should be good.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:

In your case, you can better create dial-tone database. That will bring your user mailbox back to old state, however without any data. Later you can merge the data from PST or Backup.

follow this
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Why are you removing Exchange attributes, when solution is very simple. Creating dial tone db will bring everything back to normal and user will be able to use mailbox. Read articles I gave.
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
Before you submitted the articles, I had a user or two of little consequence where I tested removing the mailbox from the user name.  I wasn't able to create a mailbox and attach to an existing user without removing the attributes which was done by that program.  Once I did that, then the user was available to be "attached" to a mailbox.  Given also that the mail was already exported, I simply imported it.

 I didn't have a backup of the database, but the email was cached.  Additionally, I created a new SG and EDB, connected the users, imported, and that's that. In reading the first link: there is way too much to do with  the log files, etc.. yuck.  Create a new DB, disconnect and create new mailboxes, import and done.

 One thing is though does the dialtone DB become permanent, or is it always "temporary"?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
That is a temp db. However, if you don't have backup, you can use it, as permanent and then merge the data.
Kamal KhaleefaInformation Security SpecialistCommented:
You need to backup their pst files first
If you mapped their users with same email login pass
It will delete their pst as soon as they sync with new mailbox
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentAuthor Commented:
I resolved this by creating a new DB, and exporting the cached OST to a PST then imported.  Took a while but worked.  One caveat though was users should allow for ALL their email to be "cached" because of the use of the slider and only viewing 1 year, that's all that was cached and able to be exported from the OST to the PST,.  By this time, though, the DB was gone and was too late to change those settings.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
This is called dial tone recovery. As I said above.

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