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Hello, I have some small office that I would like to monitor their internet connection.    The vendors (Comcast, AT&T, etc.) often say they don't have a problem but I seen connectivity being lost.  Is there a tool that can be loaded on Win7 or Windows Server to monitor and notifiy?

This needs to be simple but needs to have reporting or logging to show the vendor.
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What type of firewall do they have?  Does it support SNMP?
tucktechAuthor Commented:
Some smaller clients use the ISP's modem/router and possibly a software firewall on the desktop.  Other clients may use a Cisco RV series router or a Sonicwall TZ100 through TZ215 series routers.

Had some issues with what Comcast calls T4 Timeouts from their modem to their head end.  Would like to know from the tool if the issue is me (our router) or them... ok, so this may not be simple and we may have to monitor our router (and switches) and their modem and access to something like google or some other ip hosts, etc..
All so this is not for a specific site, but a generic tool.  The problem is with modems/routers that most small businesses use there is no way for a network monitoring to tool to see a whole log.  Most of them do not support SNMP, which is how most network monitoring tools work.

About the best you could do is to setup smokeping to ping your first upstream IP address and measure latency.  The longer the latency the more traffic there is on the link and if the pings fail, then you have a connection problem.

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tucktechAuthor Commented:
smokeping or ping would be one of the best ways to see current results.  smokeping is great because it allows you to see over time in graph form.
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