good web hosting company?

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someone give some recommendations on a good wordpress hosting company.  i have 5 domains all done in wordpress and my current host just ticked me off for last time.  looking to move them all.  

obviously cost, up time, ease of use, main factors for picking new one.  TIA
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

I'm a long time customer of Dreamhost and their shared hosting and VPS hosting plans are very good in terms of features/cost/reliability.  They also have a dedicated WordPress hosting plan that is "okay, not great" in my opinion but it may be worth looking at. In my mind, the best combination of speed/security/price is to do a VPS hosting account and a separate VPS MySQL server.  

Bluehost also gets a lot of positive recommendations from people I know but I have not personally used them.

Depending on how exactly you use WordPress, WP Engine may also be a good choice for you.
I highly recommend iPage ( - affiliate link). I've been using them for years without a single hiccup.

They offer free (with a plan) Weebly web builder, unlimited bandwidth, storage, FTP Users, Email accounts, sub-domains as well as TONS of other FREE installations for web systems such as WordPress, CRMs, Forums, etc etc. They support the major coding languages natively.

You should do your due diligence and check them out. I actually moved from Dreamhost over to iPage and haven't looked back - same with my friends and customers.
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/Designer

I'm a huge fan of I've been with them for over five years and have about 15 of my clients receiving hosting services from them.

The live chat support is 24/7 and they are amazingly helpful. Also, a nice touch: you get an actual photo of the support person who's helping you. It's always nice to see someone who's helped me before. A nice personal touch in an industry that can sometimes seem very impersonal.

They are also very transparent about their downtime. And when it occasionally happens they send an email out even though I didn't even notice.

I simply love them!

If you do decide to go with them, avoid the Dallas server. It's one of their older ones and it's a little buggy.
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Here's another vote for DreamHost―good chat and email support. Direct telephone support is extra. I have 2 WordPress sites here for the past 2 years―and I don't own any shares in this company :-O ).
iPage: all free awesome support however you want it served to you - chat, email, phone, snail mail etc etc.....I've only had to contact support once in 5+ years because of my error.

I don't own shares either, they just rock as a provider.
My advice would be hosting. They have a good 24/7 support and behavior.
If you like contact them on their live chat for free solution with 10% off coupon code "YSUBKI".

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