configuring port forwarding on Cisco 5515 adsm v6.6

I am trying to create a port forwarder on a cisco firewall, basically    216.x.x.39:46611  -->

I have been trying different combinations and such for a couple of days and still can't get this to punch through.  I know that works on the inside, I have tested it and it comes up

so far this is what I have
network objects

h-webint  host
h-webext host    216.x.x.39

service objects
h-web                tcp            dest (1-65535)           source 46611
h-webtrans       tcp            dest  9000                  source (1-65535)

Nat rule
source int         any                                         destin interface  outside
source addr      any                                         dest   addr           h-webext
                                                                           service                  h-web

source  nat            static                                  dest addr              h-webint
source addr           --original--                         service                   --original--

access rule
interface         outside
source             any
dest                  h-webint
service              h-webtran
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
I don't use the ASDM for this very reason  -it bloats the config and creates a ton of objects and makes the running config harder to read and troubleshoot. Are you sure you want port forwarding i.e. is 216.x.x.39 the outside interface? and you want to forward 46611 outside to 9000 inside?

object network Internal_Server
nat (inside,outside) static interface service tcp 46611 9000
access-list inbound permit tcp any object Internal_Server eq 46611
access-group inbound in interface outside

Assuming your inbound ACL is called inbound and your interfaces are called inside and outside.

If you public IP is not the outside interface i.e just another free IP then the config would look like this instead;

object network Internal_Server
nat (inside,outside) static host  216.x.x.39 tcp 46611 9000
access-list inbound permit tcp any object Internal_Server eq 46611
access-group inbound in interface outside



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BufflAuthor Commented:
ok, I think I am following you, my command line ability is worse than my adsm.

So, my outside interface is called TWC and yes I am using a free ip from my pool of ips

I am trying what you posted, but I am getting an error message
Cisco# configure terminal
cisco(config)# object network internal_server
cisco(config-network-object)#   host
I am getting an error message with the next command
cisco(config-network-object)#  nat(inside,outside) static host 216.x.x.39 46611 900
Error %invalid input detect at marker and the marker is the open (

As I said my command line knowledge is not great, I have tried backing up levels and I still get the same error.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
are your inside and outside interfaces called inside and outside?
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BufflAuthor Commented:
so I changed the line to
nat (nas-main,twtc) static host 216.x.x.39 tcp 46611 9000

and now the pointer is saying error at the first number of the IP address
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
nat (nas-main,twtc) static 216.x.x.39 tcp 46611 9000
BufflAuthor Commented:
this is becoming a tragedy.

I entered your command and it the error marker moved to tcp now

cisco(config-network-object)#  nat (nas-main,twtc) static 216.x.x.39  tcp 46611 9000

I promise I am typing in what you are telling me to, I even retyped it twice
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
:) If I doubt go to where the error is and type ?

the keyword 'service' needs entering.....

nat (nas-main,twtc) static 216.x.x.39 service  tcp 46611 9000

BufflAuthor Commented:
that fixed the command problems but I am still unable to access the internal server from the outside.  It occurred to me, maybe the problem is the url I am using  https://216.x.x.39:46611.
Could it be the https?

so, I setup a 1 to 1 nat just trying to access the internal server via https on standard ports and I am able to do so, I just can't get the port 46611 to connect.

BufflAuthor Commented:
I ran into some overall problems with the router and will re submit this question after they are resolved

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