JQuery ajax call returns 404

This code works fine when it is running locally (IISExpress). But it fails when I deploy it to the dev server.

It is confirmed that the controller is not hit when I make this call.

I have spend a lot of time to work on but still cannot figure it out. Really appreciate for any help. Big Thanks in advance

[GET] http://mydomain.net/Server/SetServerStatus?serverId=2&isActive=false 
404 (Not Found)

        function SetServerStatus(serverId, isActive) {
            var actionUrl = '/Server/SetServerStatus?serverId=' + serverId + '&isActive=' + isActive
                url: actionUrl,
                type: 'GET',
                dataType: "JSON",
                success: function (data) {
                    var x = data;

                error: function (xhr, ajaxOptions, error) {



        public ActionResult SetServerStatus(int serverId, bool isActive)
            log.Info("\nCall SetServerStatus.  ServerId=" + serverId.ToString());

            Server note = _serverService.GetByID(serverId);
            note.ServerStatus = isActive ? (int)ServerStatus.Active : (int)ServerStatus.Inactive;

            ServerListItem noteViewModel = Mapper.Map<ServerListItem>(note);
            return Json(new { result = "success" }, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
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Julian HansenCommented:
What if you set URL to the full path to the server instead of a relative path - does it work?
chuang4630Author Commented:
Just tried. It works. But why?

I did not use the explicit path in the other projects and they all worked well. Wondering what is missing or not configured right
Julian HansenCommented:
There are many things that could be the cause - for instance if you are using URL re-writing you may not have set this up correctly in the new environment - or your environment's are different so httpd.ini on IIS needs to be .htaccess on linux or vice versa.
You might be operating out of a sub folder so if your site is


Then /Server will refer to the root folder and not some_folder

You need to look at how your two environments are configured to see what is causing the routing problem.
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chuang4630Author Commented:
You are right. Folder is the reason.

Some of the JS code are part of chtml. So how do I specify a global variable from the configration, or dynamically detect it?
Julian HansenCommented:
a quick and dirty is to add a <base> tag to your head

<base href="http://path_to_root_folder" />

I prefer to use absolute paths
I would imagine in your case the following links are relevant

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chuang4630Author Commented:
It works if you make ajax call to the same controller. But if you make ajax call to the different controller, it does not work.

<base href="http://brcesdev.risk.regn.net/OrbitHealthMonitor/" target="_blank"/>
var actionUrl2 = '/Server/SetServerStatus?serverId=1&isActive=true'

The "/" before the Server ignores the folder "OrbitHealthMonitor" and take it directly to the root.
If you Use "Server/Set.....", then relative path respects the folder "OrbitHealthMonitor", but it limit to the same controller. If you call the different controller, then you have to use the absolute path. That will cause the problem (for code maintenance)
chuang4630Author Commented:
I end up using global var.

        window.globalVar = getRoot();

        function getRoot() {
            var url = document.URL.replace("/Index","");
            var pos = url.lastIndexOf("/");
            var siteRoot = url.substring(0, pos);
            return siteRoot;

var actionUrl = window.globalVar + '/Notification/SetJobStatus?notificationId=' + notificationId + '&isActive=' + isActive
Julian HansenCommented:
Can I take from your last post that it is now working?
chuang4630Author Commented:
Excellent answer!
Julian HansenCommented:
Thank you.
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