BIND won't start

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When I run
"service named restart"

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BIND fails with no error message.

When I run
bash -x /etc/init.d/named start 

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it fails with the following problem.  How/where do I fix this?

+ echo -n FAILED
FAILED+ '[' color = color ']'
+ echo -en '\033[0;39m'

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Using CentOS.
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That's all you get? The first executed command is to echo the word FAILED?

I'd expect to see a trace of it calling into the "functions" script or something like that. Have you looked at the file /etc/init.d/named? Does it look reasonable?

If so, then I'd begin to suspect that there's a .bashrc file or BASH_ENV environment variable that's causing bash to run a startup script when it really shouldn't be. If so, the failure when you run interactively may actually be unrelated to why it fails when run as a service invocation.

I'd look for the actual invocation of named in the startup script and see if executing it gives any visible complaints, then work outward from there to identify the problem.


Thanks to your advice I was able to rule out problems in the named.conf file. Problem turned out to be only loosely related.

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