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I have several tables relating to invoices and notices and charges, the main tables relevant to this question are 'tblNotice', tblInvoices' and tblCharge

There are many invoices related to a notice and many notices (with the same notice number but an additional field with a suffix code) related to a charge.

What i want to do is to return a list of charges where all the notices under a charge have a status of 'F' and all the invoice statuses are 'cancelled'.

I can get it to return the specific notices as mentioned above by using:

{tblinvoice.DESCRIPTION} = 'Cancelled' 
{tblnotice.status} = 'F'

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If i use the above criteria it will provide me just invoices where they are cancelled, but there may also be invoices associated with the same charge that are not cancelled if that makes sense?


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The most efficient thing would be to write your own query (eg. in a CR Command, or a stored procedure in the db).  Then you could theoretically use something like the following to only include the invoice and notice numbers that do _not_ include a record that is _not_ "Cancelled" or "F" (ie. all of the records are "Cancelled" and "F"):

tblinvoice.invoice_number NOT IN
 (SELECT tblinvoice.invoice_number WHERE tblinvoice.DESCRIPTION <> 'Cancelled')
tblnotice.notice_number NOT IN
 (SELECT tblnotice.notice_number WHERE tblnotice.status <> 'F')

 In CR, assuming that you group by the Charge, you could use group selection.  Create a formula similar to the following and name it count_check (for example):

if IsNull ({tblinvoice.DESCRIPTION}) or {tblinvoice.DESCRIPTION} <> 'Cancelled' or
 IsNull ({tblnotice.status}) or {tblnotice.status} <> 'F' then

 If the fields will never be null, then you don't need the IsNull tests, although it won't hurt to leave them in.

 Then you'd go to Report > Selection Formulas > Group and enter a formula like this:

Sum ({@count_check}, {Charge group field}) = 0

 Obviously you'd replace {Charge group field} with the field that you used for the Charge group (eg. a Charge number/ID).

 The idea is that count_check produces a 1 for any record where tblinvoice.DESCRIPTION is not 'Cancelled', or tblnotice.status is not 'F'.  If the total from that formula for a group is 0, then no records in that group met those conditions, meaning that every record had 'Cancelled' and 'F'.

 If I understand what you're trying to do, that should work.  The basic problem with group selection is that it's really suppression.  CR still reads the records for all of the groups, but only shows you the groups that meet those conditions.  If you have a lot of data, that could make the report take longer than you'd like.  And since CR is still reading those other records, any CR summaries will include the groups that aren't shown, so if you need something like grand totals, you'll have to generate those "manually" (eg. using formulas and variables).


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eyeisystemsAuthor Commented:
Cheers James

That worked like a charm!
Glad to hear it.

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