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When setting up the virtual servers on VMSphere 6, if the datastore is 289GB and I would like 3 windows 2012 servers one of which shall be an exchange server, what is the best practice for sizing the virtual disk to place the new servers in, would I use as all the disk split three ways?
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All you virtual machines will deploy there virtual disks (vmdks) on the 289GB datatore.

Make sure you start off small, with your VM virtual disks, it's very easy to expand the virtual disks of your VMs, but more difficult to shrink.

Also make sure you leave enough space on the datastore for the VM Swap file which is equal to the VM memory in the VM.

So if you have 3 VMs with 8GB RAM, you will need at least 24GB of space for the VMs, otherwise they will NOT power on.

Also leave space for snapshots, if you are going to backup the VMs using Snapshot Aware Backup Utils, which is most of them.

We usually leave 20-25% free of the datastore. for snapshots and Vswap file.


Thank you once again Andrew.

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