I want a tablet that can take LOW resolution photos

Patrick O'Dea
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I am assisting a building company with some software.
They take loads of photos of minor "snags/problems" on their building sites.  They use phones.

However, the quality/definition of the photos is TOO good.  Hence the size in bytes of the image is too large.
It is taking up to one minute to "send" these photos from the phone.

They may be moving to a tablet (not iPad).
QUESTION: Are there any tablets that will take LOW resolution photos and generate SMALL files??
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This I cant answer. BUT i have an alternative idea on how to solve this;

you could use an app that reduce photo size and hen upload the reduced versions.

even the apps might not be free, they may still be cheaper than new tablets with a crappy cam.

another advantage is, if the crap cam tablet cannot take a situation well, the usre could take the original photo in larger size is necessary on the current phones with the good cams.

Another point is, they could use the selfie front cam to take the photos. it will work if the situation is bright and if aiming is not too difficult, as you cannot see the screen.
On iPhones and iPad, you are given a choice of the size of the image that is e-mailed. Choose share and then e-mail and in the draft e-mail click on where it gives you the image size and it will expand to give you a choice of image sizes from small to large.



Thanks strung,

That's just the type of link I was looking for.
I have search for similar links on "tablets" in general and have not found much.
Note that my customer does not want to buy ipads - (too expensive).
I don't suppose you have similar links for tablets in general.

ALternatively, perhaps you could suggest what I "google".  (The searches that I am trying are not producing good results).
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Most devices have two cameras, one at the back that has a high resolution, and one at the front, mainly used for skype, that has a much lower resolution. So you could tell the users to use the front camera.

But as has been mentioned you could just tell them to send the picture in low resolution. Besides that, most camera apps can also allow you to set the resolution of the picture taken to be at a lower resolution, so that it uses up less space on the device.

But you should also be aware that often, in order to be able to see some of the "problems" properly, the resolution may need to be high, otherwise you might just not be able to see the details. So in my point of view you should be flexible in the resolutions used, and if the camera has a high resolution available you are better off.

I would also consider not using email for the photos, but rather tell them to upload them to a server of yours or to the cloud, where you could pick them up. That way it would be more likely that they will use a LAN connection to send them, which wouldn't have the high connection and data costs of your mobile phone provider, and it would usually be faster too.
Try googling

Android tablet send low resolution images

The first hit I found was


There are more.


Thanks all,

No magic solutions but lots of things to pursue!

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