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Microsoft Excel cannot access the file, how to resolve this?

I am using a website, and there is an export function to export a file.
In the past, on a different computer, the export function would result in an Excel file which Excel could open.

This is what the message looks like:
Microsoft Excel cannot access the file
'https://....../file.ibfs?........ .xmh'.
There are several possible reasons:
- The file name or path does not exist.
- The file is being used by another program.
- The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.

Using internet Explorer 8, and Office 2010 is installed on the computer.
Internet Explorer 8 is needed on this computer albeit it is old, but needed since a website which is visited requires the older browser.

What can be done in order to correct this so that Excel is able to open the file automatically?
(Currently, if I export the file and save it and change the extension to .xls, I can then open it in Excel.
I want to avoid this and simply have Excel recognize the file being exported and open it, perhaps even without saving it).
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Did you mean XML?
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@Benjamin Voglar - Thanks, however it's an .ibfs extension or even perhaps an .xmh  - it does not say .xml.
.ibfs is the extension of the server page that is initiating the download

I'm curious why Excel is effectively saying it can't open a web page - where does the file download to and can you manually open it from there? As in, FILE / OPEN and navigate to the downloaded file
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My understanding is that in the past, on another computer, the file which was being formed was a file that could be open with Excel.
When you try to download the file, can you select SAVE rather than OPEN? Then go into Excel and do FILE/OPEN...

Or, as Benjamin has already suggested, you could associate .xmh files with Excel and try again.
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You can Save, rename the file to an .xls and open with Excel.  However I want to avoid this and have Excel recognize the file and open it automatically.
OK, so Excel can recognise the file contents - that's good.

All you need to do is to tell this particular machine to associate .XMH files with Excel and that is what will happen. If you move to another computer you will need to set up the association on that one as well.

Fear not - it is a simple process - just follow the instructions in the links in Benjamin's post above for your version of Windows. You'll know if it has worked by double clicking the file - if OK then Excel will open the  file automatically

If you get stuck, do come back to us. :)
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Thanks, however .xmh is not showing up in the list of files that I can associate programs with.
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Associating .xmh to Excel does not work unfortunately.
What happens when you do a RIGHT-CLICK and select OPEN now? Do you see any message?

(FYI I created a test file and associated it with Excel so now when I double click it or right-click and open, the files is opened in Excel)