SBS 2008 Server OS on New Physical Server??

Steve Hood
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Hi All,

I am IT Manager for company of 55.

7 years ago our company purchased a DELL Poweredge 2900 server and it came with OEM version of SBS 2008 Server. It is a great product being that Exchange is included.

That said, it is time for new hardware, "a new server, be it DELL, HP, etc.". I want to go with 2012 R2 but of course this is costly as new round of CALs have to be purchased.

W are considering sticking with SBS 2008 for a while longer.. but.. according to packaging can only go on a DELL server? Or maybe not at all and just on the original server and can't be re-used?

Please see photos. Any thoughts by anyone? Thanks! Steve


Case Photo Disk 2
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Can you test it on an existing non DELL Server ? In my opinion if its an OEM cd it should still work on a non dell server but you might miss some specific drivers that might have been injected. You should still be able to find the drivers on the dell website or on the internet.
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Sorry, you cannot.  Very simple answer.  OEM copies cannot be moved to new servers.  They live and die with the hardware they are installed on.  You may be able to find copies of SBS on 2008 or 2011 on ebay - but I wouldn't trust them.  You will have to migrate away if you want to get rid of the server.
Steve HoodIT Manager


Thank you all,  that's what I thought.

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