microsoft exchange 2010

reconfiguring Microsoft Exchange to use Fully Qualified domain name.  trying to reconfigure my exchange server  to accept a fully qualified domain name ( FQDN).   CHANGE INTERNAL NAME SERVER.LOCAL TO FQDN  Below is a link on how to  get this done. I don't know how accurate this article is.  Looking for advice on this issue. Trying to upgrade SSL cert. on  exchange 2010.
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You don´t need change your fqdn server name. Simply creating split dns configuration resolve your problem. Resolve with internal IP using external hostname, make your clients connects to your external hostname (p. ex and problems go away.
Jonathan GeorgeCommented:
DigiCert has some good documentation on this (, and they also have a tool that will help you make the necessary changes on the Exchange server. You do not have to use DigiCert to use their tools and documentation.
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
In my honest opinion AVOID SPLIT DNS AT ALL COSTS!

Here is the solution to convert from .local to FQDN for Exchange 2010. I literally just performed this process last night..

Use your own internal Exchange Server name in place of CAS1 in the below commands:

Set-ClientAccessServer -Identity CAS1 –AutodiscoverServiceInternalUri

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS1EWS (Default Web Site)” - InternalUrl

Set-OABVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS1oab (Default Web Site)” –InternalUrl

Set-UMVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS1unifiedmessaging (Default Web Site)” - InternalUrl

When done running these commands, restart IIS -OR- recycle the MSExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool

Do this off-hours as it will interrupt service briefly.

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patrickstAuthor Commented:

going to try the procedure over the weekend.  Would you please look at the attach file and  see if I have the correct  Syntax.  All the  set of commands is  what I think are correct.

please let me know thanks
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Hi, I'm a friend posting for MachieNet at his request to update you because you want confirmation before the weekend.

He will try to look at this a bit later today and respond. Unfortunately he happens to be driving all day. He cannot look at this just yet and has asked me to post this to notify you.
patrickstAuthor Commented:
OK  thanks for the post I will wait for his responds later today.

patrickstAuthor Commented:
Hi Machienct

did you have time to take a look   at the  text file yet.

Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
Really sorry about the long delay, truly. Drove all day to repair a solar system and when I got there it was more than a repair - it was a full re-install! Awesome because I never installed it in the first place and had to learn the configuration! Being an off-grid system in the middle of nowhere we had no internet, even cell signal, until it was finished.

OK, down to your business..
(Default web site): No, leave this as long as your default website on the server is your . If you have configured it as other than the default site on the server then change to the site name. Exchange SHOULD recognize Default Web Site as the default for your server. You should have no issues. If for some reason it fails you can specify your site name.
Do not add any "-", run exactly as specified.

If not using Unified Messaging then you will error on the last command - this is normal.

Let me know how it works out but I will say that I had no issues with my change-over but also have no experience fixing this if it fails and causes problems, so I strongly suggest a system backup be done first... (just adding that disclaimer)
patrickstAuthor Commented:

Still having problems upgrading MS exchange server fully qualified domain name. When installing the internalURL EWS

Set-webServicesVirtualDirectoery -Identity " Nameof server\EWS {Deafult web Site}" -InternalURL  i get an error ( see attach file).

can anyone help
Jonathan GeorgeCommented:
Just to re-post this, you might find it useful if you haven't checked it out all ready. The DigiCert Internal names tool is easy to use!

DigiCert has some good documentation on this (, and they also have a tool that will help you make the necessary changes on the Exchange server. You do not have to use DigiCert to use their tools and documentation.
patrickstAuthor Commented:
I replace the " webmail" with " mail". And that work,  YOu can close the ticket
Michael MachieIT SupervisorCommented:
I apologize for that confusion patrickst... I should have been more specific and stated such to you. By (webmail) I meant (webmail public server name). In your case it is .

Sometimes little things can be overlooked and thanks for pointing that out to me.
patrickstAuthor Commented:
no  problems you help me out and everything is good.  we can close the out
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