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Hey Everyone,

What is the best way to backup servers? Through the cloud or external HD ? Also what are the best affordable programs?

Thank you
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There's no general answer to this, as it depends on your needs and environment and type of business.

Personally I'd rather not use a cloud service, as you basically give the data out of your hands, and you can't know for sure what happens to your data in the cloud, or also whether the service will still exist in a couple of years. Besides that it can use up a substantial amount of your band width and may be slow, particularly if you have to regularly backup a lot of data in one go.

With a local backup in place you are more flexible, and it is cheap. Just buy a USB dock and many inexpensive standard disks you can use for the backup, so you can rotate between a lot of disks. This allows you to easily keep different versions of backed up data, so you can have a better chance to restore a certain version of a file. Keep the disks away from your location, maybe in a bank safe.

Windows has a built-in backup tool which normally should work fine, so as long as your disks are compatible that is the cheapest option. Otherwise, the least expensive but still better than most commercial products is Paragon. Better but also more expensive is shadowprotect from storagecraft.

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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
The best and the cheapest way to backup Server is small environment is to use Windows Backup.
avib27Author Commented:
Thanks for the info, is there a good imaging software for servers that aren't to expensive? I was able to do it with my regular pcs with the window backup
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As I already mentioned, the builtin tool works fine. It is an imaging backup tool, at least with current Windows Server OS's, and also Paragon is an imaging backup tool.
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
As rindi said you do not need any imaging SW. you can backp with build-in Windows Backup. It support bare-metal backuping.
avib27Author Commented:
Sounds like great suggestions, I just need an "image" in case it decides to die
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
If he dies. You Put your server installation in the new server. The server Will ask you. Install or repair. you choose repair. Next he Will ask you where is your full backup. You enter the destination. After the restore is complete you have your server back.
The built in backup tool does an image backup. You can restore it via booting from the OS installation DVD.

Another option, also free, is CloneZilla. But you have to boot to the CloneZilla media, you can't run it from within Windows. It is included on the PCRepix LiveDVD. If you boot to the DVD first open GParted, with this tool you can look at the disks and partitions. If it sees all the individual disks rather than the RAID arrays, it might not work, but if it sees the array, then there should be no problems. Generally though it works with most known RAID controllers and so there should be no problems, and also if you used Software RAID it should recognize that an work.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
copying the local backup to a cloud provider is a good idea, imagine you were in New Orleans during Katrina..
avib27Author Commented:
Do you have any good cloud suggestions?
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