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Please explain site speed test results


I've run a few tests on my site's performance and compared it to other sites. To me it's somewhat unclear, so please clarify it to me.
I run in a SOHO environment a LAMP server with BIND. The server is an average modern laptop.
The response times of my site are 2 to 3 times better, comparing to some other local sites. But DNS time is 2 to 3 times worse (I'm talking about the 1st attempts, 'cos after that DNS caching takes places which nullifies it). The pings to my NS server are 2 to 3 times worse, accordingly comparing to those site whose DNS times were better. Well, those sites are local search engines etc., so no wonder, 'cos they have a better Internet backbone access.
My question is... why all of a sudden my response times are so great even comparing to those search engine best performers?
To me it's confusing...
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It would help if you put some specific quantities into your question:

1. Ping times, from where to where?

2. DNS lookups, of your site from elsewhere or from your site to your DNS provider?

3. Response times, loading some simple page from your web server at a remote site, compared with some other comparable sites.

There may still be too many variables and unknowns to give you an immediate answers, but at least with these numbers we could begin to understand what your concerns are.
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Okay, let's talk numbers. I'll provide the details to make things clearer here.
Per your second question, I wrote this "I run in a SOHO environment a LAMP server with BIND".
Which means that I don't have a DNS provider. I run the DNS myself.
I use this site:
I assume that their ping originates in Sweden. My server is in Russia (near Moscow). It's like from Washington to Chicago, give or take, mileage-wise. I also check a local search engine
I use this site for stats:
There're 3 option. Let's take Germany (since it's much closer to here). And there's a 3rd local site (mine, including)  It's a site of a local computer store. I use it 'cos it's not a famous high traffic site like
1) My stats:
Response Time:       0.375 sec
DNS:   0.161 sec
2) stats:
Response Time:       0.970 sec
DNS:   0.000 sec  (this we probably could disregard, since it's a search engine site and its IP is probably cached)
3) stats:
Response Time:      1.882 sec
DNS:    0.100 sec
The statistics for comparable sites shows that my DNS leaves a lot to be desired, but all of a sudden my response time is perfect.
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