How can I force a window to be "always on top"?

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We have encountered an issue with the Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry shell launcher running on our appliance.  The issue is that we cannot get a chat window, which is produced during a GoToAssist remote support session between the appliance and a technician's computer, to stay on top of our custom shell's interface.  Whenever an action is performed in the shell's interface, the chat window disappears.  If the appliance was running the Windows Explorer shell or had the keyboard filter disabled, then a simple Alt + Tab or click on its icon in the task bar would bring this window back.

Is there any way that Windows can be configured to correct this by forcing the chat window to always stay on top?  Unfortunately, the GoToAssist app does not have an "Always on top" option.
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only with the use of a 3rd party tool


Thank you!  That tool works wonderfully.

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