Creating a global master file.

Hi everybody,

I hope you are well and can help.

I have a top folder. Let's call is "Master".
Underneath this folder, I have many subfolders, of unknown number, but all will contain 3 files, with similar naming convention.
So, the folder structure could look like this..

 Parent      Child
 Folder      Folder   3 files of similar naming convention

    |_______ ad
    |_______ batchfile
    |_______ sccm
    |_______ vmware

 As you can see, the naming conventions for the 3 files are:


 where "*" is the same name as the folder name given for the child folder these files reside in.


What I want to do is the following:

I want to create a script, that will create a text file that contains the contents of every 3of3_master_*.txt in the above folder structure.

So, for example, in the above scenario, this is how it would look....

1.Create a text file called 'GLOBAL-MASTER.txt'.
2.Read every subfolder of the top folder 'Master', looking for a file called '3of3_master_*.txt'
3.For each file 3of3_master_*.txt found, read its contents and copy into the 'GLOBAL-MASTER.txt' file created in step 1.
4.Leave a line or 2 blank space between each '3of3_master_*.txt' in the new GLOBAL-MASTER.txt file.

Here for example, are the contents of each file targetted...

------------------------------------------------- 3of3_master_ad.txt

Master: ad

------------------------------------------------- 3of3_master_batchfile.txt

Master: batchfile

------------------------------------------------- 3of3_master_sccm.txt

Master: sccm
deployment type;  

------------------------------------------------- 3of3_master_vmware.txt

Master: vmware

The output by running the script will be like below.

=====================================================================  GLOBAL-MASTER.txt

Master: ad

Master: batchfile

Master: sccm
deployment type;  

Master: batchfile

So, you can see, that the script will create a text file called 'GLOBAL-MASTER.txt, which will contain the contents of all 3of3_master_*.txt in the above folder structure.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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The shell "glob" operator will do the subdirectory search for you easily enough:

cat Master/*/3of3_master*.txt >GLOBAL-MASTER.txt

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But you want to decorate the GLOBAL-MASTER.txt with extra spaces, so something more like

for file (Master/*/3of3)master*.txt )
cat $file
echo ""
echo ""

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This isn't exactly the contents of your example, but maybe it's close enough?
Simon336697Author Commented:
Hi jcmg,
Thanks so much for that.
That looks unix like.

Im more of a wintel person.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
rem @echo off
rem - Copies contents of found files into master FNGlobal file
rem - FNGlobal is placed in the %temp% folder.
rem - Adjust TopDirName and TopDir values as needed.

set FNAll=%temp%\%~n0_All.txt
set FNGlobal=%temp%\%~n0_GLOBAL-MASTER.txt
set TopDirName=master
set TopDir=c:\%TopDirName%

if exist "%FNGlobal%" del "%FNGlobal%"
type nul>"%FNGlobal%"

pushd "%TopDir%"
dir /b /s "3of3_%TopDirName%*.txt" > "%FNAll%"
for /f %%a in (%FNAll%) do (
  copy /a "%FNGlobal%"+"%%a" "%FNGlobal%">nul
  >> "%FNGlobal%" echo.
  >> "%FNGlobal%" echo.

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Simon336697Author Commented:
thx so much and sorry for the delay. happy christmas to all.
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