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I'm looking for a performance tool to test single sql query which will run hundreds of times with in 15 minutes in DB .

I have found Sqlquerystress tool by googling. I'm Looking for any other  great tools  which suffice my requirements.
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ste5anSenior Developer
Doesn't sound like that much stresss. Hundreds of times in 15 minutes means 1 query per second..
Database Analyst
"...to test single sql query which will run hundreds of times..." - what are you looking for in particular?
How to execute a single SQL query hundreds of times and monitor MySQL performance/issues during that execution?

Put the query in a script, in a loop that runs x,000 times.
But that's not a very good benchmark of anything. If you're trying to simulate real load, you will need to have some concurrent activity, not just x,000,000 queries issued and returned one at a time.

I use mysqlslap since about 5.1 and can't complain I'm missing anything.



Thanks for the replies. I'm going with Sqlquerystress tool.

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