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URL https redirect

We have a new website that we need to do a redirect if someone puts in the URL with http:  instead of https:  ....

for example - site is:  (this works fine)
Would like for a user to be able to put this in and have it work:  (redirect to https:)

One other thing is that the ssl cert is for this page:
A user can also put in https:/ and it gets them to the page but the cert is incorrect.  I think a wildcard? cert should have been installed?  Can someone describe how that should work?

Oh, this is on IIS 8 on a Server 2012 R2 machine.
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David Johnson, CD
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This is a standard question on url redirection
use the url rewrite handler
you can also redirect to\mysite

When I would get the certificate I'd use for the subject name rather than\mysite
for a subdomain you need a separate or a wildcard certificate
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I am able to get the redirect (from http: to https:) to work on our internal network but its not working outside?   Is this a DNS issue?  Firewall issue possibly?

I set up a forward lookup zone on our internal DNS servers to point to the internal IP address of our webserver.  So when I go to it redirects to correctly.  But when I get outside our network, its not working.

Thank you for your assistance!
Bit more info - I have a Sonic Firewall NSA 4500.  It does not appear that is letting http: traffic through to my web server, where I think I could then redirect to the https: website.  So I either need to allow this http: traffic, or do the redirect at the sonicwall.

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Pankaj Parmar
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