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Need to retreive data from .TFS file exported by DVR

Working on resolving an issue for a client. They had a theft that was caught on their DVR system. Without asking me first, they exported the data to a flash drive and delivered it to police. The problem we now have is that the files exported are not anything law enforcement can open, and the original data from the DVR has been overwritten. The data exported to .TFS files, which appear by structure to be a database file of some kind. I need to find a way to retrieve this data for them.

About the best I have found so far is that I cannot restore the data to the system. That would be too easy, right?

I also found that the system can export to AVI (as I suspected), and have demonstrated how to do this in the future.

If you open the files in a text editor (Notepad++), the header indicates that the format is TFS4.

None of the files are larger that 128MB and they are sequential. Since the files are large, I can arrange for retrieval of a sample from and FTP site if you ask.

So, I ask the Experts, how and to what DB engine do I mount this data base? How do I export after that? I currently do not have the data that was given to law enforcement, but I have a set of data that was exported in the same fashion today.
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Doing some looking around, I can only find two .tfs file types:
Borland Profile Statistics - very old program so unlikely
Samsung TFS4 file system - given that this is a file system (rather than file), it also seems unlikely (but possible)

What brand DVR exported these TFS files?  Do you know anything else about these TFS files?
Dvr devices like these usually have a specific player to play the exported video. They also put the player on the SD or thumb drive with the video. Is that the case with your Dvr? Also a separate player could be available to playback what was exported. Do you have a brand and type of the system?
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I found what Wilcoxon found.

My guess is it is the Samsung File System.  That appears to be a proprietary flash file system.  I cannot find any information about it other than that.

I've asked for help in getting this question to the best qualified Experts.  Hopefully we can find someone that might know more about those files.
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I found this site ( that agrees with MASQ.

Google is apparently not your friend in this instance.  The only way I could find the above site or any other info on Eyemax tfs was to specify "tfs eyemax" - even "tfs dvr" didn't find anything useful.
If the DVR is an Eyemax then try for software or manuals suitable for the system concerned.  But the questioner really needs to identify the DVR system (as asked earlier) for the question to proceed further.
Agreed, it would also be useful to see if the files are actually DFS format which is the most popular security DVR export format.  If so they should be viewable through an option in the Eyemax software and there are a number of free downloads that can be used to view them.  Security DVR formats like these are timestamped to prevent alteration and it's that part of the video formatting which makes it difficult to export them to another standard format (and also - in terms of evidence quality - why you wouldn't want to)