Unable to edit Wordpress website after migration

Hello, I just completed a migration of 2 different WordPress websites onto 1 bluehost account (cloud hosting business) and both were built with Divi theme 2.3. One of the websites works perfectly and the other is broken.

At first the front end for the site in question looked great, but the backend did not allow me to edit the content. I attached a file to this message so you can see what the backend looks like.

I have experimented by disactivating all plug-ins, attempting reinstalls of Divi theme (versions 2.3.1, 2.3.4, and 2.1) all with no results. When I install a totally different theme, it looks like I can edit the backend, but there is a lot of code in the text box, and looks rather cryptic.

This situation is super urgent as my client is about to have a national TV appearance after tomorrow. I've already spent hours on the phone with bluehost troubleshooting this problem to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


** about attached image: This is the screenshot of the backend of the home page, which contains a full page header, a home page slider, a 3 column blurb, a two column text and video box, etc... so you can understand from looking at this that there appears no content to edit.
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MurfurFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
There is no attachment...

In my experience, upgrading can knock out the front end because of a mismatch in the code structure, but I would expect the back end to be OK as that is not themed...

Can you see any of the admin suite or is it just the post editing pages? I ask because you have been disabling plugins and installing themes.

A couple of things to try to isolate the problem:

1. Disable the Divi theme and go native.

2. Archive your site folder and install a fresh, raw Wordpress, connect to your database and check. If it works then start to add in your plugins by moving them from your archived folder.

3. If the problem returns, remove the plugins in batches to isolate the one(s) causing the problem.

4. Last thing would be to add your Divi theme - make it work first [b]BEFORE[/b] you paint it...

HaroldN HulseyCommented:
You can move (migrate) your WordPress website from another provider to 1&1. Your themes, plugins, posts, comments, categories and keywords will be transfered entirely. We recommend you to keep your domain. You can also transfer your domain to 1&1 and benefit from the many free domains included in many of our packages.
MurfurFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
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tommelkonianAuthor Commented:
Thanks Murfur,

I mistakenly asked this question twice (trying to edit the question another was created).

Please refer to the following link for the active question, which does have the screen shot attached:


 I will try to get rid of this duplicate question.

We have tried going native and disabling plugins, but your method of doing so looks more methodical.

Thanks very much


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MurfurFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
Tom, I have bitter experience of this very problem, hence my tried and tested method! :)
tommelkonianAuthor Commented:
Closing this question because it's a duplicate. Sorry for my mistake. Please refer to the active question:



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