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Modifying an image that was sysprep

I have an image which I saved using sysprep and use on new machines. I now have several new programs. I would like to add them to a new machine that has received this image and then save it back to the sysprep image without having to perform a new sysprep which would then reduce my maximum 3 times to sysprep the same image.

What are the steps to do this?

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Cliff Galiher
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I may have to look into this solution for the future. I don't regularly update my images. I remember seeing somewhere that there is a way to use the OBE mode or something like that to accomplish what I am trying to do but can't remember where I saw it.
That is done as part of the sysprep. If you've already sysprepped, that door has closed. Once you've set the image to run the out of box experience, it'll run the specialize routine the moment you fire that image up. That's a decision you have to make during the process, not after.

I agree with Cliff. The answer is "don't". Sysprep is a much misunderstood and abused tool.
I understand what you want to do but  re-sysprepping is going to lead to a world of pain.

The best way forward is to look into Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) which is designed to maintain a versatile, flexible method to create "builds". Not images, builds. Images are old and went out with the 80s like big hair.

MDT is a mature technology and is about 10 years old so you will find plenty of help, blogs, videos and books about it. Stick with MVP content though. There are some odd things on YouTube that are OK for a bedroom PC build but not business.

Johan Ardimark and Mikael Nystrom are two leading Swedish MVPs who are best to start with and yes, have several books.

I wrote a long answer about MDT on EE two with plenty of links:

EE previous answer

I will look into setting up MDT in my environment.