Excel calculation about bought and sold articles

I have two sheets: (bought.xls and sold.xls )
1> Articles sold and the sales price
2> Articles bought and the buying price
I need the average price of the total bought articles  multiplied by the total sold articles per articlenumber
The best will be if the totals are on the sold.xls so that  i have the total sold per article next to the total bought per article
It was already hard for me to explain in English :) so help is much appreciated  

Thanks Danny
PS I attached from both sheets 2 versions 1 with and 1 without totals per articlecode
Danny KonAsked:
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Mike JensenCommented:
I believe that the following site will be of great use to you. It is a much easier process to link two books together. Though, when linking two separate workbooks, it can be a little more complex. I was able to test these steps with success.


Hope this helps!
Danny KonAuthor Commented:
Mike, thanks but this will not help enough on this specific question

Is this what you had in mind?  See red tab on spreadsheet.  I am having trouble uploading due to size.  I may need to zip it and put in next comment.
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Attachment for my previous comment.  I  combined the buy and sell files into "All", but was only able to give you months 9-10 as the file would not upload.  But should be enough data to see if this is what you are looking for.  - Tom
Danny KonAuthor Commented:

The only thing i can do is smile, YES this is exactly what i was looking for :))Maybe the only thing is that i need the name of the article in your result (even more data:) Can i do something? Because i see it but i don't understand how you do it

Thanks Danny
Danny KonAuthor Commented:
I see that i can just add the name in the pivottable so i only need the rest of the data

Thanks Danny
Not sure what you mean by:

Maybe the only thing is that i need the name of the article in your result (even more data:)

I couldn't upload the full resort.  I am open to how I might get the data to you, and how I could explain how I did it.  Are you familiar with the pivot table working off the data?  If so, that would be obvious.  The preparation of the data used in the pivot table is the key.  Give me your thoughts.  - Tom
Here is how I populated the blank spaces below "Artikelcode      Month" columns:

Highlight all the data underneath the two column heading.  So you will be highlighting the cells with product and month data and the blank cells.

Use Control G to get to Go To, where you select "Blanks".  This will highlight all the blank cells.

With the blank cells highlighted,  = key and Up Arrow key, then Control/Enter.  This should populate the blank cells with what is above the blanks.  (Hope this makes sense).

Once populated, then highlight the two columns (Artikelcode      Month), Copy and Paste Value.  Now you should have data for each row.

Then I just added "Purchase" and "Sale" to the two sheets and combined into one list which was used for the pivot table.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.  - Tom
Oh, and then I added a column that multiplied the price times the quantity before creating the pivot table, but I think that is pretty obvious.
Danny KonAuthor Commented:

Forget my comment "Maybe the only thing is that i need the name of the article in your result (even more data:)" because i was not looking good.
I have no experience in pivot tables and i use excel as a standard user. Not because i dont want but maybe for the time is it better/possible to send the file by dropbox or google drive?

Thanks Danny
Sure, I will first need to find out how Dropbox or Google Drive work.
HI Danny - Also, I may be able to compress the file (less than 2 Meg compressed), and email it to you.  Can you provide me an email?
Danny KonAuthor Commented:

I think they are not happy about email but lets try
i use a gmail adres with maildannykon to be a little cryptic :)

Thanks Danny
Hi Danny - I was able to upload a zipped version of the file here at Experts.  Let me know if you have questions.

Red All Tab - Has combined data and pivot table.  The pivot table simply uses the data in columns A-G for its reporting.  

Bought Tab - Items highlighted in yellow were strange occurrences with the word "Fout" in the pricing column.  When I calculated the value amount (price X quantity) for these items, the formula replaced the error with zero.

Good luck!  - Tom

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Danny KonAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much for your help

Glad to be of help, Danny.
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