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Hi there,
We have just purchased a company that has 41 physical servers, nearly all of them are BL460c G1's. I am planning on buying a new chassis, populating it with Gen9 blades and giving them ESXi. They are not on our network, and won't be for a while. My question is does anyone know or have a tool for planning an ESXi environment, based on multiple physical servers being virtualized. I cannot use the capacity planning tool or the MS Assessment Planning toolkit, as they are not on our network. I know all of the specs of the servers, I was hoping that there was something even so simple as a spreadsheet, where I could plug in my numbers and get a rough answer. Hope someone can help me out.
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I would reach out to a VMware Partner and get them to do a Capacity Planning Assessment with Capacity Planner which is a software product partners have access to.

Otherwise Excel spreadsheet and total

Total memory
Total storage
Total % CPU

That should give you an idea

Memory is often the bottleneck so if you obtain enough hosts to support the memory required for the converted VMs you should be fine.

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