can't access dfs shares over VPN

I have a dfs root share thing setup without replication however.
Map drive in GPO points to\shares which then has folders that point to different server shares setup through windows DFS management.
Can't access those file shares from domain or non domain system via unc path or map drive path on VPN but can on local domain.
Any known issues I may be overlooking when it comes to setting up access or permissions to DFS for remote computers domain joined or not?
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What does your VPN allow you to do, which segments are part of the VPN, and what IPs are the targets/links of those shares?
Does your VPN connection include local ad DNS servers?
I.e. Are you able to connect o port 445 over the VPN ?

What kind VPN, is it terminating on a HW firewall or on a Windows nps/rras?

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My first guess would be a DNS issue.  

From command prompt try nslookup dfsnamespace (replace with your namespace)

If you do not get the ip of your namespace server you need to troubleshoot the VPN DNS settings.

Try accessing the server share by IP address.  If that works then DNS is very likely the cause (your local system is not able to resolve the address).

If the IP address does not work then your VPN access is restricted.
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Yeah appears to be networking
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