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MS Access 2007 Compact and Repair error

DFS replication
1 file server is read only

Error: Could not use "I:\FileName.accdb"; file already in use

IT team suggested open in exclusive mode  (tried didn't work)
the files are dev accdb nobody else is in them.
Security Read/Write/Modify/execute etc but not full control like admin

temp solution is copy file to C:\ compact and repair their then copy back to network folder (argh)
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The compact and repair operation creates a new empty database and imports all objects into it.  It then deletes the original database and finally renames the new database to the name of the old database.

That means you need create and delete permission also.

Compacting a database on the server takes an excessive amount of time.  I'm not sure why but copying the db to a local drive, compacting it, and copying it back to the server is significantly faster than CR on the server.  Apparently, there is a lot of back and forth with data as the CR runs and all that has to go from the server to memory on the PC running the compact and back again.
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Yes all users have create and delete permissions

I work with a lot of different access tools, multiple custom dbs for each client. that's a lot of copy CR and back to file server. If I could trust my PC not to die again I could move all my dev there.

just seems to me that now with all MS environment, there should be a solution.
If you are worried about backups, I would suggest a Carbonite subscription.  I think it is still around $55 per year which makes it an excellent bargain.
temp solution is copy file to C:\ compact and repair their then copy back to network folder (argh)
You should never perform a Compact operation on a file across the network - too many things can happen that can irretrievably corrupt your file. Instead, copy the file to your local drive, compact it, and then copy it back to the original location.
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didn't get a new solution just conformation to what I was already doing