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Strange "Disk Error" message during reboot


I was rebooting recently, when there was a strange "Disk Error" message and after that I made reboot again and all went back to normal. I did check my drive C: for errors. None were found. What that could be disk-wise? Is it a first sign of something physical or it's a purely logical thing and I shouldn't worry about my hard disk's health?
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Muhammad Burhan
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Is there any raid involve ?
Did you check the Windows system event log for disk errors?  If the disk is really having problems, you should see disk errors in that log file.
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Thanks for your replies!

No RAID is involved. I'm aware of S.M.A.R.T tools. I'm not here to ask about them. I was asking about that specific error.
Right now I'm on Linux, I'm gonna re-boot into Windows 10 and I'll try to find that event log file and see what it has.
You wouldn't boot into windows to run the manufacturer's diagnostics, but rather to the UBCD or if there is nool on the CD for htat disk download it from the manufacturer. Most of them are iso's you boot from.
That event log is too general... Could be anything... Yeah, I guess I only have 2 options at the end of the day:
1) Backups;
2) S.M.A.R.T. tools
SMART doesn't diagnose your disk, for that you need the manufacturer's diagnostic tool (which usually includes SMART). But you need to run a surface test and that is what the diagnostic tool does.