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HOW: Enforcing Group Policy  with Trusted Sites but allow users to add to their Own Trusted Sites

ShielDZEEE used Ask the Experts™
Both platforms:

Server 2008 & Server 2012

HOW: can we enforcing Group Policy  with pre-populated Trusted Sites but allow users to add to their Own Trusted Sites.

I have seen it before but told it can't be done.
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Add the sites to trusted sites via GP Registry preference, this way it won't lock trusted sites out.
Trusted sites registry setting
GP Registry prefences
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But this will let users modify sites that we set as well. You can't have both, using gpp means we preset things but they are still changeable.
If you use Citrix or Remote Apps you could publish IE with the locked down settings in place and another IE instance that is not locked down...


Thanks all