Move emails in outlook 2016

Hello. I have just installed MS Outlook 2016.
I have created my hotmail account and also a GMail account as IMAP. Everything works fine: Outlook retrieves my email both from hotmail and GMail.
I have several personal folders in my hotmail account that are displayed in the left pannel. If I move an outlook email to one of these folders, no problem. But when I move a GMail email to the same folder, I have an error message that tells me that I can't move the email and that my service provider does not support this operation.
BUT... before I was using MS Outlook 2010 and I could do this without any issue.
Could you please help?
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make sure you are using the Outlook Folder that is for the email account you are using. Outlook makes a new PST file for every email address.

Other than that, Outlook 2016 (I am using it) moves folders the same as Outlook 2013 the same as Outlook 2010 (I have used all these versions)
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Well, the point is that I want to gather all my personal folders under my hotmail account. I don't want to search through many accounts to find an email, I want one single place . So I do need to move gmail emails to a hotmail folder. And I garantee 100% that I could move my gmail emails to my hotmail folders when I was using Outlook 2010
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You may have been using POP on Outlook 2010 and may need POP here in order to combine as you wish.

Alternatively make sure both Accounts (Hotmail and Gmail) are pointing to the same PST file. They likely are not.
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Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
I have deleted my gmail account and recreated it under POP. Same issue: I can read my Gmail emails but Outlook won't let me move them to Hotmail folders.
As far as the PST file, both accounts use an OST file and Outlook does not allow me to change them
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you changed Gmail to POP, it will use a PST file not an OST file for sure.

There was some different setup in your Outlook 2010.

You cannot go to Gmail Web Mail and move email to Hotmail Web Mail but "drag/drop". These are different systems and you cannot do this. IMAP replicates your web mail into Outlook and trying to move between the systems won't work like this.

It WILL work if both accounts are POP - I have done this for years.

Close Outlook. Look where your Outlook files are stored (likely Document/Outlook) and make secure copies of PST and OST files.

Go to Control Panel / Mail and delete the Outlook Profile. This will delete your accounts so know how to remake them.

Open Outlook, make a new Profile, make new accounts as POP (assuming you want to do that), make sure you point them to the same data file and try again.

If you want to stick with IMAP (and there are reasons to do this) you cannot move mail between accounts.

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Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Before I do all this, I tried to do the reverse ie move an hotmail email to a GMail folder...It works! So if both protocoles are not compatible I assume I should not be able to do this
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It will depend upon the host email systems if you can / cannot move between folders. If using IMAP, it is not an Outlook issue.
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok so I solved the issue by
- creating my hotmail account under IMAP (It was MS exchange before)
- creating my Gmail account under IMAP as well
Now I can move emails from account to account
Last question: the hotmail account appears as " (1)"
Can I change its name? how?
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Solved this as well (well hidden in Outlook menus...)
Now I have all my accounts set up
Since I want to put all the inboxes as bookmarks (top of the left panel) I need to find a way to rename each. If not they all will appear as "inbox" in the bookmarks
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@gallandjc - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help you with this.
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Indeed you showed me the right path. BTW, I happened to stop by in Mississauga some years ago. Business trip to what used to be our Rhodia plant. Nice area. And anyway, I love Canada...
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