ipv6 shared hosting in US, AAAA record

i'm looking for an ipv6 host in the united states that provides shared hosting, and will provide an AAAA record.... i've checked sixxs.net's list of ipv6 providers only to learn they are dedicated hosts ( more than i'm willing to spend for a website)
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AAAA record you can add to your domain zone, no need for special hoster, all DNS software copes with it for last 10 years.
You can test with he.net or vps.me if your current provider is incapable to provide ipv6 connectivity

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DavidAuthor Commented:
so, that's actually what i'm trying to do .. progess throught the hurricane electric step of hurricane electric ipv6  certification .

i can go to my provider and set the nameserver to he.net provided name servers, and they give me what looks like an ipv6 address ... this is new .. last i checked (maybe it takes 24 hours to propagate through their system)  ... but if i type that ipv6 address into my web browser ...  it goes nowhere, and the ipv6.he.net AAAA checker comes up with no success.

this is the output of Hurricane electric free dns management ... for psynwavez.com, on the website host i have the nameserver pointing to ns1.he.net

Name      Type      TTL      Priority      Data      DDNS      Delete
psynwavez.com      SOA      86400      -      ns1.he.net. hostmaster.he.net. 2015091202 10800 1800 604800 86400            locked
psynwavez.com      NS      86400      -      ns1.he.net            delete
psynwavez.com      NS      86400      -      ns2.he.net            delete
psynwavez.com      NS      86400      -      ns3.he.net            delete
psynwavez.com      NS      86400      -      ns5.he.net            delete
psynwavez.com      NS      86400      -      ns4.he.net            delete
psynwavez.com      AAAA      300      -      2602:306:ce96:e730:b5b3:113f:ccbd:b0bc            delete
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
the 86400 means 86400 seconds before a client needs to look again (Time To Live) for a record.
So any updates in between might go unnoticed.
Do you he.net as your DNS provider vor all psynwavez.com records?

psynwavez.com 86400 NS DNSSERVERNAMEHERE.COM  

but that is a records that is for your domain name supplier to setup, or you can setup up with your DNS provider. (publicdomainregistry.com ?)
In the DNS where you point it at set the AAAA record.

In Your DNS server you should add the aaaa record.

Tip: while updating all info set TTL to some usable value: 300 (requery after 5 minutes).
If you need failover services that is a good time also (depending on requirements).
When all is final then use 86400 as default unless you have other requirements, like high availablity failover...
You can set AAAA record without CNAME to hurricane.
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