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My AD has  6 sites. I have 3 dc in my main site and all other sites have 2.  I have all sites in my default site link with a cost of 15. AD has auto added Rep partner to the first DC in the site back to my main site and the other local  DC in the site. The second DC only has  has AD auto added the other local  DC as a partner.

     Main site server  - W 1, W2, W3
     "O" site   - O1, O2
     "P" Site  - P1, P2

     Secondary site Replication
          Server O1 - partners   W1, O2  ( AD Auto generated)
          Server O2 - partner   O1
I want to add a secondary replication partner for server O2 with P2, just in case Server O1 goes down, so O2 can replicate outside of the site.
How do I do this?
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Unless you have a very specific use case, there should be no need to manually create replication connections. KCC will setup connections between each DC within a site, and one DC between connected sites (these are known as bridgehead servers). If a connection fails on the bridgehead server the KCC will automatically choose a new bridgehead server. If you manually configure connections and the bridgehead server, if there's a failure, you will need to manually reconfigure.

Also, if all sites have equal and even links between them, then adding them all to the same site link is fine. But you should setup site links to represent the physical connections (VPN, P2P, etc) and put the sites in the appropriate links. That allows the KCC to setup the replication connections properly.


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