how would I go about having the Arduino /Seeeduino play sepecific numbered mp3 fileson a diy mp3 player like the Grove - Serial MP3 Player

I would like to have the hardwaare play specific numbered audio files then wait for the user to press a corresponding switch
and for the hradware to update the users score everytime the user presses the correct swith
also is there an easy way to create a scoreboard or print simple alphanumeric stats
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So basically you want somebody to tell you how to write a program that traverses a directory of file names, use the appropriate media player to play a file; design and build a debouncing circuit; write code that sets up users & scoring mechanism; tell you how to select or build an alphanumeric display; send characters to that display?    
Now there is a nice shield card .. alphanumeric display WITH buttons & debouncers, so this one board would work nicely for all the I/O.

arduino shield

But really, the answer is no, it just isn't possible to do this with an arduino family device.  You need to look at a cubieboard or raspberry pi.  The arduino doesn't have enough RAM to play the file, even if somebody managed to cross compile and optimize a mp3 player so it would even fit in RAM and run.
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
thanks so much for giving my question your valuble attention
couldnt the arduino control this player
tell it when and which file to play?
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
also here I found some sort of instructions
my question can you give me even just general direction on how to get the arduino to see if the user pressed the correct switch after the mp3 filed completed playing
more to the point
My mp3 files are numbered from 1 to 20
My switches are numbered from 1 to 20 as well
randomly after every x number of mp3 files are played I need the Arduino to generate a beep and pause the mp3 player
so if it paused after file 6 finished
thus signaling the user to press switch 7
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Nice find, i was not aware of that shield.   I thought you were going to try to decode the MP3 with the CPU in the Arduino.   This device has a SD card too, so it solves the problem of having a place to put the raw files.  

Here is a MIT-licensed (meaning you can do what you want with the source) project for interfacing this with an arduino and playing the file of your choice.   If you used the shield in the picture you would PROBABLY have sufficient I/O ports to get away with it.   But adding score and game?  I still say it isn't practical.  You'd still have to write the code for your selection/scoring mechanism and driving the display.

A much better platform would be a raspberry pi.  That platform can run linux off the same SD card, and you could put the music there.   Plenty of ram to run the program and you could still hook up the LCD unit.  No need for  decoder board either, and the pi also has speaker outputs.   Ultimately it would cost you less money too.
It all comes down to "debouncing", and how you configure your switches.   This is a GREAT tutorial for beginners that walks you through the process and some circuitry.

This is a more advanced example but shows you how to get multiple buttons going

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Dov_BAuthor Commented:
I read some of your bio so what would you charge
If I wrote a simple web app illustrating the absolute bare minimum I need
then supplied you with the pseudocode
Then told you the absolute truth
 that I work for religoius institutins that discourage the use of computers
 and the program is to help special needs children from homes that dont want to open up a can of worms of instant gratification brain numbing graphics by bringning even educational programs into their homes
have large families and pay through their noses to send their kids to private schools were dedicated teachers work for a fraction of what public school teachers get paid with  none of the benefits
Whoah! You should charge me for just the time it takes to read this
Dov_B -- I'd answer questions for free, but turning pseudorcode into a finished product isn't a question. You're asking to hire somebody to build a customized embedded solution for you based on your choice of hardware.    

I charge much more money that your willing to pay. But that shouldn't be a problem because what you ask for is rather trivial for an experienced Arduino developer (assuming they had the mp3 shield) & display unit.       I suggest you google Arduino developers for  hire and you'll find plenty of people who could do this for a few hundred dollars or less.
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your advice!
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