How to create a pass through parameterized query using ms access 2010

I have an application that was originally developed with an Access front and back end. I am converting it to an access front end with sql server back end.

There is one query which takes a long time even as a passthrough query. The query is:
SELECT  Feeding.EventTurtleID ,
        Feeding.FeedingDate ,
        Feeding.FeedingFish ,
        CASE WHEN Leftover.FeedingFishLeftover IS NULL THEN 0
             ELSE Leftover.FeedingFishLeftover
        END AS FeedingFishLeftover ,
        CASE WHEN Feeding.FeedingFish = 0 THEN NULL
             ELSE Feeding.FeedingFish - Leftover.FeedingFishLeftover
                  / Feeding.FeedingFish
        END AS [Fish%] ,
        Feeding.FeedingLettuce ,
        CASE WHEN Leftover.FeedingLettuceLeftover IS NULL THEN 0
             ELSE Leftover.FeedingLettuceLeftover
        END AS FeedingLettuceLeftover ,
        CASE WHEN Feeding.FeedingLettuce = 0 THEN NULL
             ELSE ( Feeding.FeedingLettuce - Leftover.FeedingLettuceLeftover )
                  / Feeding.FeedingLettuce
        END AS [Lettuce%]
FROM    dbo.FeedingLeftover AS Leftover
        INNER JOIN dbo.FeedingLeftover AS Feeding ON Leftover.EventTurtleID = Feeding.EventTurtleID
                                                     AND Leftover.FeedingDate
                                                     - 1 = Feeding.FeedingDate;

However if I add " WHERE EventTurtleID = 3110" the query is executed rapidly.

In a form, I have a control which allows me to get the EventTurtleID parameter. Is there a way to populate a subform with the results of the parameterized query where the results are obtained from a pass through query?
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Have you tried moving that code to a stored procedure in SQL Server and running it there?  If not, give that a try.

Then you would call that from an Access pass-thru query with "returns records" set to yes with a syntax like:

exec YourStoredProcedureName

or if you want to pass it that EventTurtleID like below.  You would obviously need to change the syntax of the query to include a WHERE clause for the EventTurtleID, something like:

AND ((@EventTurtleID IS NULL) OR ([EventTurtleID] = @EventTurtleID))

exec YourStoredProcedureName  131
exec YourStoredProcedureName  NULL
dblankmanAuthor Commented:
What is the Access syntax for passing the parameter. I can use an after Update event to determine the parameter value, but how do I insert that value into a passthrough query?
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
You basically have to create the pass-thru syntax via code.  You cannot actually define a parameter like you can in Access.  That is why I like to use SQL Server stored procedures, it is much easier to change the syntax of a pass-thru query which calls a stored procedure.  This checks to see whether the text field [Something] contains a value, if not, it passess NULL to the stored procedure as the parameter, otherwise, it passes the value of the field [Something].

Private Sub txt_Something_Afterupdate

    currentdb.querydefs("passThruReturnsRecords").SQL = "exec YourStoredProcedureName " _
           & iif(me.txt_Something & "" = "", "Null", me.txt_Something)

End Sub

You would then need to call this pass-thru query some how, maybe use it as the source for a subform, or list/combo control.

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