cat 6 - is it possible to get a splitter to user the same port for ehternet and phone ?

I want a phone and Ethernet connection using the same cable, is it possible using a bought splitter at either end?  Is there a cat with two tails adapter - one with an rj11 and the other a rj45?

I believe only 4 of the cables are used for Ethernet and 2 for a phone.

Can I use the one cable?

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Yes you can. I have done it multiple times. Ive been told if the run is to long it doesnt work. Some of my runs have been 100 feet. Something to consider if it is true.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
You need to consider the speed.
If you want 1GB connections, those use all 4 pairs.

If you're happy with 100Mb connections, then you can use only 2 pairs and use another pair for the phone.

And you don't need a spliter, just buy a modular socket and insert 1 RJ45 and 1 RJ11 module.

ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Why not using VoIP?

Misusing CAT6 means wasting money.
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feck1Author Commented:

It's for a modern house that has a patch panel.

Can I buy a cat with two tail that Wil do the job.

Male rj45 at one end and female x1 RJ45 and 1x rj11 at the other. One would go in the patch panel and the other in the room
feck1Author Commented:
No interest in VOIP, just want a standard phone
You need something at both ends of the cable run to make this work.

100-baseT ethernet only uses two pairs while a phone connection only needs one pair. For what you want to do, a pair of these little doohickeys might be sufficient:
[RJ45 / RJ11 Cable Sharing Kit []

You may want to shop around a bit more, the price at Amazon seems a bit more than these really should cost.
Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
yes you can,

the using pairs are orange and white orange, Green and white Green.

remaining 2 pairs (blue pair and brown pair) you can use for telephone ..  

all the best

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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
If you have a patch panel, then use it.

If the wire is already present between the wall socket and the patch panel, then you need:
1. a wall socket with 2 modules, where you would connect 2 pairs for the RJ45 module and 1 pair for the RJ11 module
2. a cable that goes in the patch panel and has 2 connectors, one RJ45 and one RJ11 on the other side. I don't know if you can buy one, but it's easy to make if you have a crimping tool.

If the wire is not already there, then simply use 2 wires and enjoy gigabit LAN and a phone connection.
Your house has a patch panel? or just a punchblock?
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Can I use the one cable?
Yes and no.  First it depends on whether you're going to be running ethernet at 1gbp/s.
If you are, and you're using 1000Base-T, then the answer is no since 1000Base-T uses all four pair.

If you're using 1000Base-TX, then the answer is yes since 1000Base-TX only uses two pair.  This leaves two pair unused which you can use for two voice lines.

If you're not running 1gbp/s, then the answer is also yes since 10mbp/s and 100mbp/s only use two pair.
feck1Author Commented:
It's a mates modern house. It's to be wired but I'm imagining a numbered patch panel at the area where the modem and phone lines are and face plates in each room
feck1Author Commented:
The wires have been fed and now need to be terminated.  There will be a need for a standard phone in one or two rooms and some accesspoints for broadband
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
I used Levitron in my last house.  Terminate two pair for the ethernet on RJ45 jacks, the other two to one (or two) RJ11 jacks.  Then get their wallplates with two or three spaces.

On the other end, you can use a 110 punchdown block for the RG45 ports and just connect the voice lines together.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Consider what will happens when your customer ask why can not get LAN at 1Gbps because you are using one pair to analog phone.

As said Dan Craciun, CAT6 requires all pairs to work at 1Gbps, but only two pairs to 100Mbps. Ask your customer if want to use gigabit ethernet before doing.
feck1Author Commented:
Still have to get back to the customer on this one... will update when work is done / solution chosen
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