Renew Standard Wildcard SSL Certificate?

hello guys,
could anyone can provide me with detailed steps to renew standard wildcard ssl certificate from go daddy??
this is first time to me that i do it

tanks for help
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Nadav SolomonCommented:
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
thanks nadav for replay, i already followed the steps that you send, but when i try to manage it i found renew still exist when i click on it. it forwards me to page that needs choosing website (provide certificate signing request) and this is the only choice, when i click on request certificate it gives me this message {A Wildcard is required with this product}, my request will expire in 22-10-2015 i renewed it manually on 18-10-2015 does it make any effect or i must wait till the end of the period???
Nadav SolomonCommented:
As far as i know, when you renew you submit a new request and get a new certificate, they just "trust" you already to send you the certificate without authenticating you again, if you renewed (followed the process) you should get a new certificate (link to download or something) you'll need to "install" it on your web server/what ever you use it for again.

Good luck.
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asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
yes nadav this is what i know also but i'm not sure if i have to wait till end of expiration period or not
Nadav SolomonCommented:
You should do that asap, just check the valid from: ... to:... on the new certificate and see that it matches the dates you need.
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot nadav for help i renewed it now what i did i generate csr from my hosting with my domain and put it into godaddy as they mentioned it to me. now i downloaded it and try to install it in my servers
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
i download now the certificate from godaddy (*.crt) i need to install it on my server that i published it to connect from outside the company. when i try to install it for example i used tool digicert util it gives me error that there is no private key on the machine so how can i do that i've the private key pasted in txt file how can i use it????
Nadav SolomonCommented:
did you create the certificate request on the same server you are trying to import into?
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
i create the CSR from my hosting as the godaddy support inform me that i need to create it * and i did that but i just need to install it on my servers not on the cpanel
Nadav SolomonCommented:
if you created the certificate request on their server you need to get a .pfx file (this type includes the private key) and it should be protected with password.
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
yes how can i get this lovely file i try many times to catch this :)
Nadav SolomonCommented:
Didn't you get email from them with a download link or something, maybe in your admin mailbox or postmaster?
Nadav SolomonCommented:
"i create the CSR from my hosting as the godaddy support inform me that i need to create it * and i did that but i just need to install it on my servers not on the cpanel"
what does this mean? you created this where? you need to finish the certificate creation in the same place then export it (I just hope that the creation csr allowed export of private key.
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
sorry for confusing you nadav, let me clarify, my wildcard ssl cert from go daddy my hosting in namecheap when i need to renew it from godaddy they ask for CSR with my wildcard (* , i did it in my hosting they give me the CSR and provide that in godaddy renewing it goes correctly and renewed it wit * and can download crt files this si from godaddy
this is the story :) i don't want to install this certificate in my cpanel or let the host to install it because i have my own service like lync, vdi and i published them and have public dns records in my hosting with my own public IP so how can i get it? by the way the certificate in godaddy is renewed and can install it as i informed you
Nadav SolomonCommented:
You must finish the request on you hosting cpanel or what ever and export it from there, the private key is on the server that issued the request.

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Nadav SolomonCommented:
Glad I could help, thanks for the feedback.
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