Syncing my HP Windows 7 to Samsung TV

Hi, I have a new Samsung TV and a Windows 7 HP Envy and I'm trying to mirror my PC to the big screen.  Samsung told to to download a program called Samsung Link but when I try to run the download, I get a Program not responding error.  Has anyone had this problem? Thanks
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Carlos,
You don't need a program to do this. Native W7 does it fine. Simply connect your computer to the TV with an HDMI or VGA cable (depending on which port you want to use on the computer...different Envy models have different ports...if the Envy has a DisplayPort connector, then you'll want to get a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable). Then in W7 go into the Display applet in Control Panel and set whatever options you want, such as clone (mirror), extended desktop, resolutions, etc. Btw, if you use HDMI or DisplayPort, it supplies the audio in addition to the video; but if you use VGA, you'll need to run a 3.5mm audio cable from the computer to the TV. Regards, Joe
camtzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Joe.  Good to hear from you.  Here is the issue:  I don't want to use cables.  I want to do it wireless.  Samsung has an app called Samsung Link.  I download it and attempted to install it but got an error message; "program not responding"  It shows up under programs so I tried to un-installed it but it gave me a message (see pic 1).  I also saved the report that this created but it's pretty lengthy and I don't know if I could attach/upload here.

So at this point my main concern is to uninstall this program and then deal with a new installation.pic-1.JPG
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
EE allows a 50MB file to be uploaded. Is it bigger than that?
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camtzAuthor Commented:
I use Firefox but I went to uninstall and it doesn't show size then I went to the shortcut and properties and it said it was in C/Program Files 86 but it's not listed there so I don't know how big it is.  I've been reading about this app and everywhere I go it mentions Android or Galaxy but not a word about PC or iPad (both of which I have) so I'm getting skeptical about whether or not its going to work for me.  Their Samsung Link website says it will but I'm beginning to doubt it.  
Question right now is, how do I get rid of this thing???
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
The comments about the PC app at YouTube don't give a warm feeling:

In theory, it sounds great; but in practice, it sounds as if there's a lot to be desired. I have four Samsung TVs (three Smart and one dumb) and am very satisfied with connecting cables from the computers (including HP, although not Envy) to the TVs. Anyway, back to your immediate issue — how are you trying to uninstall it? And what does the log file say? If it's under 50MB, upload it.
camtzAuthor Commented:
camtzAuthor Commented:
Didn't think it would load but it did
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
To be clear, it's creating that log file when you try to uninstall it - right? If so, you're uninstalling it via the Programs and Features applet in Control Panel - right? If not, how are you uninstalling it?
camtzAuthor Commented:
Yes, that's the way I uninstall all applications.
camtzAuthor Commented:
I just bought Revo uninstaller and I'm going to try that.  Let you know.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Well, I wish you good luck with it. I'm not a fan of aggressive uninstallers (like Revo) or aggressive registry cleaners (like CCleaner). They often do more harm than good, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen a computer get hosed due to too much being removed from the registry by an aggressive uninstaller or aggressive registry cleaner. I hope it works for you, but I would do a clone (or image) first, or at the very least create a restore point (Revo may do that anyway, but I'd make one manually just to be sure — thankfully, I have little experience with Revo, so I don't know if it will or won't). Regards, Joe

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camtzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  I'll let you know if it works.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Worked out great.  It's gone.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Many thanks
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Fantastic news! You're very welcome — happy to help. Cheers, Joe
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