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Hi EE,
I have task to build new Microsoft exchange 2010 or 2013 environment for 60 users. The users will be send & receive emails internally and externally. Can we build server with all server role (CAS, Hub ,mailbox etc. ) in one server and customer like go with all role in once server, since they are beginning the business and they do not want to spend too much money on servers to have individual server. If so,

How much cost will be MS exchange licencing?

What server configuration would be best if installed all server roles in one server?

I suggest to go with Office 365 for cost efficiency and less administrative work, however customer still not go for cloud option and they like keep their exchange server in house datacenter .

I would like to get some advice from experts and get some idea / comments then start build some test lab by own and test all functionality before I go and implement the exchange.

Also please include, what is best solution for this customer office 365 or MS exchange 20XX?

Thank you in advance
Jey_PIT Security Eng Asked:
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Mohammad Mahboob RahmatiSr . IT System Administration EngineerCommented:
In Exchange Server 2013 you can install all roles in one server and you can go only with one server but be care your mail services will be not stable for High availability we have two basic building blocks – the Client Access array and the Database Availability Group (DAG). Each provides a unit of high availability and fault tolerance that are decoupled from one another. Client Access servers make up the CAS array, while Mailbox servers comprise the DAG.

I recommended to go with DAG and you need only two servers.

for more Information regarding DAG check the below link.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Do you have Active directory in place? Then I can provide you best recommendation.
Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
I have active directory built already and up and running .
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
In that case, you go for Exchange 2016. Which comes with only two role. Mailbox and Edge. No more CAS, Hub or UM. Read more here:

Edge is optional. Which you install in DMZ. So, you can ignore it, if not required. You just need to Install Exchange 2016 directly into your domain. I hope you have 2008 AD environment.

For 60 users, you don't need massive server. However, still follow MS system requirement.

You can also use calculator

Next your question about 365. It has lot of advantage. As your admin efforts are less or almost nil in maintaining Exchange server. Compared to on-premises.

However, if you like more control, customization and security, on-premises will be the right choice.

Secondly, for office 365 first requirement is high end internet connection and if your internet is down, you are out from your mail. However, in house server, you can still use your Exchange server. At least internal email will be working, if internet goes down.

Let me know, if you need more info.
Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
Thank you Amit.

How are the mail flow working without edge server configuration for externally . Is possible to send and received external mail servers. I am still learning exchange server , Hence , please share with me more details about it.

My current domain setup was,  single site and two DC replicate each other and had  DFS file server installed as well as in hardware spec is HP SB DL 360 GEN G9 E5-2620V3  with 16GB RAM. Is this configuration enough  to run exchange in one server .

Thank you in advance .
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You can use smart host option. Where you create a send connector and relay your emails to your ISP. Then ISP will be relaying outside. Same way your will get all your mails. Using ISP, you have advantage of not worrying about blacklist issues.

Edge is another role from Microsoft. In place of that you can use SMG or Mail Marshal or Trend Micro. They could be in-house or cloud based also.

For 60 users 16GB should be enough. However, again it depends on what all you are going to Install apart from Exchange. I personally prefer to have only Exchange running on Exchange servers with OS level AV and monitoring tool.

Also note, client end should be also running supported OS and Office version. If you are going with Office 365, 99% you need to run latest OS and Office.

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Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
Hi Amit ,

Lastly I have few more question ?

I am a test lab to test Exchange 2016 functionality , therefore client prospective  are any windows 7 clients able to connection MS exchange 2016 mailbox via outlook? Do we need to migrate WIN7 clients to WIN8 prior to exchange 2016 in place?

We planed , not to use edge server at this point . Do you know fort iGATE firewall / router will do mail host activity and act as routing mail to externally.  How are the SMG or Trend Micro works? what price range each.  

Thank you in advance.
Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
Thank you for comments
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