Please guide me to build a fairly simple startup HTML application (.hta).

I allowed my subscription to lapse but I am finally back on Experts-Exchange! I would like to build my new company a well designed startup screen. Before this startup screen is executed I usually close windows explorer and all other known backdoors including replacing Help with a custom application and removing access to ease of access center. I have been doing this with fairly good success. Previously, I loaded a dos script that will then perform several steps but I would like to re-design this startup sequence with better visuals. I believe an effective way to do this is by using HTML application. (.hta) as the "front-end" The startup screen will have to perform a few tasks with visual feedback;
1.) It needs to open and display some basic computer info including the date, time and the computer name.
2.) It needs to display a list of actions and start running them one after another. These actions is currently separate dos scripts but I will change them to PowerShell as soon as the main concept is working with a dos "back-end".
3.) Each script (task) will update the C:\STATUS.TXT file so that the .hta knows what to display on the screen to the user.

A sample of the .txt file and a design is attached.

I really hope that someone can guide me as I have no knowledge of .html/.hta as of yet. My aim is to develop this fairly standard base that can be easily customized from one project to another.

Note: I use "back-end" and "front-end" very loosely.
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Nadav SolomonCommented:
Did you try htaEdit it has great samples and I think it will get you going in the right direction, you'll need to know vbscript.

Good luck.
Rebel_no_1Author Commented:
I will download it and get cracking but I will definitely need the help of someone fluent in these languages. Thank you for the link. The download says 10 minutes remaining...
Rebel_no_1Author Commented:
We will have to start with the basics so I have built what I can so far. I will try and do this step-by-step. The attached script consists of a full screen .hta (rename from .txt to .hta) without unnecessary borders or buttons. It displays a fairly suitable clock. My question is
A.) How do I fit a background image (C:\Background.jpg) and
B.) How do I change the fontsize of the clock text and move the clock text to the correct location?
The script can be exited by pressing Alt+F4
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Nadav SolomonCommented:
background: <body background="bgimage.jpg">
fonts: <font size="2" color="blue">

hope this will get you in the right direction.
Rebel_no_1Author Commented:
Thank you! I changed the color, position and size of the clock to something usable. I will go through the information on that page as it seems I should be able to get allot of info there. I do not want to ask unnecessary questions so will come back to this question when I am stuck. And, I will get stuck. Thank you for help so far Nadav!
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:

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Rebel_no_1Author Commented:
I have followed the provided links and realized that the original question was not specific enough. With the received information I have managed to build a very basic HTA. I will continue the development of the HTA. Thank you for the help thus far Bill and Nadav. (I remember you helping me before as well Bill. Thanks!) I will close this question, assign points and try and make my next questions more objective.
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Glad that was of some help, and thanks for the feedback.

Nadav SolomonCommented:
Thanks for the feedback :D
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