Cloning a time machine backup USB drive to another USB drive, using Windows PC

I have a time machine backup on an external USB drive.

However I want to create a clone of this backup so I have another identical version of it. Reasons for this are various which I will spare from this thread.

Is this possible? We are mainly a Windows / PC place and so have lots of experience doing this in the Windows world. We do not want to put the original backup under any risk whatsoever, so I wanted to check if this is possible and what is the best way of doing this?

The software we would be using for this is:

and would be running this from a Windows PC. Advice appreciated.
IT Man200Asked:
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
A Mac Time Machine disk is probably not Windows formatted and I don't see an option for 'macrium' to read Mac disk formats.  Windows does not read them either.
Boot the Windows PC using the PCRepix LiveDVD. Then use CloneZilla which is included on that DVD to clone your disk to another. Just make sure you select the correct disk as "Source", and also that the destination disk id at least the same size as the original.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Macrium Reflect Free DOES NOT support OSX formatted volumes.

To be honest .. the quickest/easiest method is to use something like Carbon Copy Cloner on OSX to clone the time machine external HD to a second external HD .. just ensure Time Machine isn't running when you run the CCC backup.

Trying to clone OSX formatted drives from a Windows PC is always going to be messy.  Try doing it from the Mac for simplicity.
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You should also be able to use the Disk Utility Restore function to restore the Time Machine disk to another disk.
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
You could also just simply point the Time Machine software to a different disk and let it build a new backup - that will take a little while but is by far the simplest way to do this
IT Man200Author Commented:
Hi Serialband,
Can you give more details of how this would be done.

We have a Mac, which itself is a recovered from the time machine backup. How would I achieve a clone of the backup drive? Can I connect both the drives at once?

Forgive me ignorance. Mac's are not my forte.
You can connect both drives.

Open up disk utility.
Select your Time machine disk drive partition.
Click on the Restore tab and your drive will show up as the Source.
Drag the 2nd drive into the Destination box.
Click on the Restore button.

Where you see Macintosh HD, you should have your Time machine drive.
IT Man200Author Commented:
OK this looks great. So will this create a duplicate of the original one, or will it just move the particular backup image that I select. Going to try this today, but just want to be sure I do not overwrite the original.
IT Man200Author Commented:
Studying this, I guess I'm going to do option 3

"To copy a disk, drag it from the list on the left"

I'm a bit nervous about doing this, but I assume tried and tested an no risk to the original and hopefully this creates a clone I can use?
It clones the disk.  It does what CCC does.  If you were doing this on your boot this, the only change would be that you have to boot into recovery mode, because cloning a live disk means that you copy changing files and they would get corrupted.  CCC basically reboots into a recovery mode for you to clone the boot disk.
IT Man200Author Commented:
OK. I need to be sure about this as I'm I want to be sure I get it right. Forgive me for being cautious. See the image below which is a photo of the screen. Do I just need to now press Restore and wait?

The Samsung drive is a brand new USB drive.
500.11 GB Seagate is the original backup Timemachine drive

See my picture below of how it is? Just want to be 100% I do not erase the original backup drive.
Disk Doctor About to start Clone - Is it right?
And once done, this will be a clone of the original drive?
IT Man200Author Commented:
In my picture above, it should say "OR"  550.11
IT Man200Author Commented:
I also came across this article which gives another way of doing this, not directly cloning, but just moving time machine data to another drive.

Might try this as seems no risk? Welcome experts opinions.
IT Man200Author Commented:
Copying failed. It complained about one file not being able to be converted and said the latest version of iWork needed to be installed.

It took a long time to get to this point and the failure halted the entire thing. Very annoying. Back to the cloning method.
IT Man200Author Commented:
I tired using the Disk Utility to copy but it does not work. I also tried from recovery mode and it does not work giving the error

"Could not restore. Resource Busy"

This message came up quickly

When I tried using another method of having the actual hard drive (Rather then the partition) as the source, it said

"Could not validate source - error 254"

so this likely is not the way to do it.

Really appreciate any other suggestions?
You probably have to turn of Time Machine to get access to the disk.  Time machine is probably locking the files.  That link you provided offers a better way to manage the copy.  I don't use Time Machine, so I can't give you much details about it.  Cloning copies the entire disk and will be slower than copying files that don't fill up the disk.
IT Man200Author Commented:
Time Machine was turned off for sure. Welcome any other ideas but remember I also tried this from Recovery mode.
Try the instructions from the link you found.
IT Man200Author Commented:
I did that before and it also failed.  From before for reference:

"Copying failed. It complained about one file not being able to be converted and said the latest version of iWork needed to be installed."

Looks liked cloning it is not as easy as I hoped.
IT Man200Author Commented:
After a week away for personal reasons and apologies to client, I'm back on this case trying to resolve it. The original laptop was returned to customer, but I have the backup drive still and a MacMini I can try things on.
To consolidate my efforts I am going to close this question and continue in the other related question:

I appreciate your continued efforts on this matter.

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IT Man200Author Commented:
I never meant to award myself on this answer, but as it happens. Carbon Copy Cloner does not work.
It warns that TimeMachine is proprietary and the clone will exclude the backup.

So actually I'd prefer to cancel my points award and review again.
Sorry for hassle, thanks for input so far.
IT Man200Author Commented:
Giving the points to eoinosullivan on this.
Appreciate all, but I could not get the clone to work. Although not tried, I assume the commercial software will work, and that is now what I'm going to try as even if the trial does not work. It's only $20 I think.
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