Blackberry enterprise issue - Calendar syncs only one way.

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Blackberries are not as common as they used to be, but there are still some hard-core users out there.

We have one at a company where we have a problem which testing has revealed the syncing of the device for calendars only happens one way. Note the device does NOT use active sync and is a Blackberry Bold.

Therefore, if we add an appointment to the users calendar in Outlook, it updates on the Blackberry fine, but if we do it the other way around, no appointment appears on the online calendar / or within Outlook.

As we are now a bit out of touch with Blackberry, any suggestions on how to fix are appreciated. The user is out of the country and very reluctant to reactive. So are we to be honest due to the issues and not being local to the device.

Open to any suggestions on where to start.

Note the server is an SBS 2011 server with the free version of BES installed. This is the only user in the company who has a Blackberry.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
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Rodney BarnhardtServer Administrator

There are a couple of things to try. I have attached one that resets the "Desktop Sync" problems that may address the calendar.

There is also a way to reset the syncing of the entire device.
1.    Go to Options à Advanced Options à Enterprise Activation. Select the e-mail field, then press and hold the ALT key and type “CNFG”. Once you enter this, a hidden menu will appear.
2.    In the menu that appears, change “Wireless Sync” to “No,” then exit the menu.
3.    Wait for 30 seconds, then repeat this process and change “Wireless Sync” back to “Yes”. Once you’ve changed this setting, a slow synchronization process will begin to repair wireless synchronization settings.

You could also check the logs if that does not work. However, I am more familiar with the Enterprise versions of BES rather than the free ones, so I am not sure what all it logs or where they are located.


Thanks for the useful information Rodney.
As it happens we are now waiting for the blackberry to come back to us in the UK (maybe another week) and we are going to try it in person. We will update the case once this happens, but for now we are going to suspend it.


The problem still persists. We even reinstalled the Blackberry server, firmware upgraded the device / wiped it and many other things, and we still have the same problem after all of this.

Any ideas on what might cause this problem after all of this?
Not sure how but after a number of updates, work etc. on the server, my colleague got it working. he was cautious with his approach early so took a more aggressive approach. Sadly I don't know the details but after ages, finally working.


Solved in house.

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