Vcenter 5.1 3a Upgrade to 3b

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I have conflicting documentation as to how to do the upgrade.  The readme from the ISO says to run the autorun.exe.   A link in the release notes say to use the individual installer for each service wherever possible, as opposed to the simple
installer.  So I am not sure which way to proceed.  I am leaning towards doing the individual installers, but wanted to get some input.

The upgrade to 3a was a disaster, and I am trying to avoid that from happening again.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Firstly backup the vCenter Server and SQL Database.

and the  create a snapshot. (personally, we do not like snapshots, because performance is poor on a snapshot, and upgrade takes longer).

Simple Install is for first time installation only, if you click Autorun, and click Simple Install, it will state click individual components only.

So, proceed, and click Single Sign On, it will detect existing SSO and upgrade, and then repeat for Inventory Service, Web Client, and vCener Server.

Done, should take approx 30 minutes.

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