VB.net and soap

I set up a web service, it converts temperature, the url is

What's would be the code in vb to use the service?  I'm trying to do it in Visual Studio 2015 with Universal Apps.
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Why not importing it as a service reference?

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        Dim qiwService As QiwService.QIWSSAMPLEServicesClient
        Dim convertInput As QiwService.converttempInput
        Dim convertOutput As QiwService.converttempResult

        qiwService = New QiwService.QIWSSAMPLEServicesClient("QIWSSAMPLEServicesPort")
        convertInput = New QiwService.converttempInput
        convertInput.TEMPIN = 123
        convertOutput = qiwService.converttemp(convertInput)


    End Sub

End Module

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bergertimeAuthor Commented:
In my universal app, I add it as a service reference.  I just can't get the button event to return a value.  Let me see what your code gets me.
bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Did your code work for you?  I still can't get it to work.  Did you add it as a service reference?
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bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Still can not get this to work.
From your other question's solution, I think you cannot use the synchronous method.
Use the asynchronous one:
Dim task = qiwService.converttempAsync(convertInput)
convertOutput = task.Result.return

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bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Let me try this.  Thanks
bergertimeAuthor Commented:
I get a different error message than last time.   See below.

Try passing the endpointConfigurationName:
Dim client As New TempConvert.QIWSSAMPLEServicesClient("QIWSSAMPLEServicesPort")

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bergertimeAuthor Commented:
I tried that, but I get intellisense popping up.

bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Any idea on getting this to work?
You could try this (I took the values from my app.config):
Dim client As New TempConvert.QIWSSAMPLEServicesClient(New ServiceModel.Channels.CustomBinding("QIWSSAMPLEServicesPortBinding"), New ServiceModel.EndpointAddress(""))

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bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Did you get it to return a value using Universal Windows App?
I had no idea what I was doing, but I made it work.
        Dim client As New TempConvert.QIWSSAMPLEServicesClient(New BasicHttpBinding, New ServiceModel.EndpointAddress(""))
        Dim convertInput = New TempConvert.converttempInput
        convertInput.TEMPIN = 123
        Dim task = client.converttempAsync(convertInput)
        Dim convertOutput = task.Result.return

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bergertimeAuthor Commented:
You are amazing.  I tried everything I could think of.  I added the bottom line to return the value to a textbox.

 Dim convertOutput = task.Result.return
  textBox.Text = convertOutput.TEMPOUT.ToString

Again, thank you.
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