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Outlook Web Access error message


I have some users on a specific computer that utilizes the OWA feature that Exchange 2003 provides for their email.  When said users attempt to send a form that they've been doing for quite some time, they get this message:

"No profiles have been created.  To create a new profile, use mail icon in control panel."

Not sure what is going on here?  Is the default mail program involved?  I thought OWA was a website, so a little confused on this one.

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"Configure Outlook to point to exchange and do the same thing and it will probably work."  

Not sure what you mean by that?  Typically, a user clicks on an IE shortcut on their desktop and they login with their credentials on a website?

Get a copy of Microsoft Outlook the program - install it for that user, point it at exchange, connect it to one of these problem users mailboxes, then when the system checks for a Mail profile it will have one. connecting to OWA to read your mail, does NOT create a mail profile, thats the root of your problem.

So, in Outlook, which is installed on the computer, I should see a mail profile for every user who uses that computer?  There are numerous.
Outlook is not even setup?  I don't think this is the problem as this worked previously but not today.
With outlook installed and configured, you should see in control panel - the profile for the currently logged on user, not all the profiles.

like this
>>"No profiles have been created.  To create a new profile, use mail icon in control panel."

To get this prompt - your user is doing something that is looking for a mail profile, and they don't have one, the only way to get one is use Outlook, or set one up manually in the mail section of Control Panel
Okay, here is exactly what is going on.  The user is opening an excel spreadsheet and trying to email it from the spreadsheet.  Of course, Excel is looking for Outlook as it's email program of choice and that's whey they're getting the error.  I told them to open webmail first and then attach the file within webmail.  If I setup a profile in control panel, will this cause Outlook to launch?  I am fairly new here and don't want to deviate from what is already setup, which is OWA in this case.
Thank you Pete Long.