Schema errors vb2010

I have been working in a VB2010 app and i am suddenly getting the attached errors?

What would cause schema errors to suddenly appear"
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Eric FlammSenior ConsultantCommented:
Check your .net version target:StackOverflow discussion
Eric FlammSenior ConsultantCommented:
Quickest, easiest laziest way to solve the problem:


Right-click on the project icon and choose "Properties".


Go to the "Application" tab and choose another .NET target framework.


Save changes.


Go to the "Application" tab and choose the initial .NET target framework.


Save changes => problem solved!
Copied from: Stack Overflow - Feb. 2013 - reexmonkey

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Jeff_KingstonAuthor Commented:
Kudos for rapid response....Why would something like this simply disappear?
Eric FlammSenior ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for the points. It's possible the solution file got corrupted, so changing the schema back to the target would fix it. I suppose one of the VS updates or something going on in a related project might have changed the setting. There's also a thread about having an orphan debugging process running .net 2 causing the schema parser to fail; sometimes the Visual Studio process don't get shut down properly, leading to unpredictable results.
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