Migrating from IIS5 to IIS8.5

dgreenjr26 used Ask the Experts™
We have a Windows Server 2000 running a website using IIS5 and now need to upgrade to an up to date system. I know that migrating directly to Server 2012 is not option but am having trouble finding the correct procedure to do this. Any help that can be given is greatly appreciated.
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all depends on what your web site is doing. Just plain HTML? Copy the files over and you're done.

Or have a look at this guide: http://www.iis.net/learn/publish/using-web-deploy/migrate-a-web-site-from-iis-60-to-iis-7-or-above
Its for IIS6 so I'm not sure if everything will work.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

What kind of web site? Static content is as easy as copying the files. Dynamic content is more involved and depends on the specifics.
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Standard asp is installable component starting from IIS7
The rest is copy file (why dont you use apache or nginx for static files? - not so many patches and no need to restart machine for each)

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