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I have to give users an excel sheet where they can select data and be presented with drop down lists that are updated based on previous selections. See attached file, which I’ll use for explaining the requirement.
The Main worksheet contains 3 columns: Route, Stop Name and Stop Number. This is the worksheet that users will interact with.
The Data worksheet contains the source data.

The following is what I’m hoping to achieve;
In the Main worksheet, in column A under route, the user should be presented with a drop down list containing a unique listing of routes from column A in the Data worksheet. The drop down list should present the following options: 10, 20, 30, 40

For example, let’s assume the user selects 10 as the route in cell A2 in the Main worksheet.
Now, when the user selects cell B2 in the Main worksheet, they should be presented with a drop down list which only includes the stop names for route 10 as follows;
Stop A, Stop B, Stop C, Stop D, Stop E

Once the user selects the stop name they require, the value in cell C2 should be automatically populated. For example, if the user selects Stop C, the value in cell C2 should be populated automatically with 301

I’d appreciate if you could update the attached workbook with the required formulas and functions to achieve this.
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I created named ranges StopList (your table on worksheet Data) and Routes (also on Data, and containing numbers 10, 20, 30 & 40). I then used these named ranges with Data Validation

in A2 with source

in B2 with source =OFFSET(INDEX(StopList,MATCH(A2,INDEX(StopList,,1),0),1),0,1,COUNTIF(INDEX(StopList,,1),A2),1)

The formula for C2 is

I then copied A2 and B2 and did a Paste Special...Validation in A2:B7 (the light gray shaded cells in the sample workbook).

Note: these formulas assume the following:
1. StopList is sorted by its first column
2. Stop names are unique
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If the stop names aren't unique, then you can use the following formula in cell C2:


Fully met requirements.

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