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Can I manage two internet connections through vlans on the same port?

I have a limited access area where I need to bring an additional internet connection.  Our primary internet (T1) is secured to the business world.  We restrict and kick connections from phones, and block streaming just due to the sheer volume of people doing music and video.  I use the DSL in our main area with a separate wireless for that purpose.  But with a building expansion (warehouse) that is not accessible.  I only have one cat6 running out to this new location to a Gb switch, and feed the half dozen workstations from that switch.

My question is:  If I create a Vlan200 (or whatever), and set a dedicated port to 200 on my main switch to plug the DSL into, and one on the other side for the wireless public use wireless AP, what do I need to configure on the port on each side that handles the uplink?  Is this feasible, or am I breaching the laws of practicality.  There will be probably a dozen people streaming to their ipods, phones, whatever.  Can I set a max traffic on that vlan across the single wire between the switches?
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What you can do is limited by network equipment that you have. You would need to have some kind of policy based routing (PBR) so you would be able to match network traffic to some criteria (source - destination IP address, port etc) and forward traffic according to that criteria (practically - ignore routing table).
Any business class AP will tag packets with a vlan based on the ssid you connect to. with a decent router that accepts dual WANs , depending on the vlan or ip or content type or active directory group, or good old percent based load balancing, you can choose which wan things go out.

If you don't want to integrate all that and just share a wire with two vlans, yes that works too. ;)
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Aaron, so if I have one port on the switch (incoming from the DSL set as untagged vlan 3, and the port on switch 2 that the wireless is plugged into set as Vlan 3, do I just need to add a tagged link on the ports between the two switches?

Or am I just confused.

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Aaron Tomosky
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