Folder Redirection and logon not applying for one user on citrix

Hi Experts,

The errors below are what were getting for one user on citrix\Windows server 2008R2 that cannot logon, she gets a black screen and then back to username and password. She is in the same OU as multiple users that have no issues with logon.

However if she logs onto a domain connected computer within the office works no problem. We have another terminal server called parallels that loads her profile and folder redirection, just happens on citrix box, through the web-interface and the RDP session. Thanks in advance for your help.

Steps we have tried

Deleted profile and removed registry entry from profile list
Removed roaming profile
Opened a case with Citrix support - Turned it over to Microsoft support ( awaiting call)
Checked security permissions

Event Viewer Errors
Windows cannot load classes registry file.
 DETAIL - The system cannot find the file specified.

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Videos" to "\\fileserver\sys\home\user\My Documents\My Videos".
 Redirection options=0x9009.
 The following error occurred: "Failed to get folder redirection capabilities".
 Error details: "The system cannot find the file specified"
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Are the OS's the same on all there servers?
jaya31Author Commented:
Yes, we have one citrix server and the file server which has the redirected folders both server 2008R2. No one other users having the issue with the exception of this one user. Just moved her into a different OU and issue still happens.
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
No issues with any of the other Redirected folders on the same server.
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jaya31Author Commented:
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Found this on the Internet search.

Matches your symptoms.
Do you have offline enabled cache enabled. If so disable it. There really is no need for this in your Citrix environment.
Hi jaya31! Hope youre doing good!!!

Probably this is just a NTUSER.DAT / Registry corruption.

- Do you use User profile Manager? This Profile is stored somewhere on the network or just the main folders (Desktop, Downloads) are redirected?

- If you're just redirecting the main folders, please just remove the profile from this server, using System --> Advance, and then try to log on again.
- If you actually maintian a copy of the whole profile, please save everything that is needed (personal Files...) than remove the profile folder from the File Server AND the Server you're actually trying to access.

Let me know how that goes!
jaya31Author Commented:
Hi All,

We have a solution. This was a very specific issue, affecting one user that only logs onto citrix. The problem was that we did all typical things when a profile is having issues (deleting registry entries, profile folders, moving to different OU ). After troubleshooting we immediately logged into citrix and the problem re-occurred.

Steps to Solve
Backed up the user re-directed folder and all necessary files.
Delete profile folder\registry entry from citrix.
Deleted Re-directed folder and roaming profile
** key - Logged the user on a local machine first (make sure there is no local profile or registry entries for user), let the profile and re-directed folder create. (logged of and on couple times to ensure the profile is good) Make sure you see the re-directed folders create on the network location
Logged onto citrix and it worked

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jaya31Author Commented:
The suggestions from experts were valid but we already put those suggestions on our own and it didn't work. This was a specific issue affecting one user that logs only into citrix. The solution was the steps we posted. Thanks.
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