RAID five with SSD Drive

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I am getting ready to build a Server for a customer, and I cannot find a reliable RAID card, and the Dell build is very costly.  This is a small office with three people and the have about 12 Gigs with of files.  to spend 5,000 on a sever is not responsible.

Has anybody ran a Windows 2012R Server with RAID 5 SSD's?  I think it would be pretty fast, and I think the SSD hardware would get past some parity checks windows does because the SSD would do it internally?

I am right or wrong here. Please help me vet this idea


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Not sure what hardware you are using for a server, but a lot of midrange desktop machines support mirroring straight out of the box. A pair of mirrored SSDs should be fine for what you want.
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Agree - why RAID 5?  Use a mirror of 2 drives.  It's only 12 GB of data you say - 2x250 GB SSDs should be fine.
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You could use the windows based software raid.

What is the data growth rate and office growth, how long do you expect this server to function before an update/upgrade?

What flexibility do they need? A Dell T330/430 might be a 2500-3500 to which drives could be added as needed to a point, and should function for 3-5 years.

Buying a used system with new drives/components could be a consideration.
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As mentioned above, use Windows software RAID. It is very reliable and works better than most RAID controllers will, particularly with SSD's. Do make sure you get enterprise grade SSD's, and not consumer versions.

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